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Re: [Theme] Silence

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I figured it out but the only issue now is the info area is still the same
under the boards part

Re: [Theme] Silence

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Tried using this but not getting any posts when you click into the topics
Is it an issue between forum versions?

Re: [Theme] Silence

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I think it's still at 1.0...
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Re: [Theme] Silence

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Updated for ElkArte V1.1 :D

See the theme site and download the version marked for ElkArte 1.1 (Elk V1.1)
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Re: [Theme] Silence

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Not ready for the new Elkarte version? I would like to try :)


Re: [Theme] Silence

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Its next on my list (for 1.1.9 updates) ... just finished updates to another one of my themes and need to publish that to the repo ... an of course get 1.1.9 out the door, just waiting/working on 1 bug fix!