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[ADDON] Font Awesome Icons in the Editor

This addon allows for the adding of Font Awesome icons in the editor. 

Font Awesome BBC

This ElkArte addon is released under a MPL V1.1 license, a copy of it with its provisions is included with the package.

Note: I only tested this on 1.1, but it should work on the 1.0 branch.

This adds a new button to the editor which then allows for inserting any of the font awesome icons in to your post.

o Adds icon selection dropdown to the editor.
o Works in both wizzy and source modes.

Repo / Download

Re: [Addon] Font Awesome Icons in the Editor

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Re: [ADDON] Font Awesome Icons in the Editor

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Sadly the icons don't work in board titles. Is there any chance to expand this?  O:-)

Re: [ADDON] Font Awesome Icons in the Editor

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I think you may be able to do that w/o the addon. 

If you have Font Awesome enabled for your theme ( which means in your themes index.template.php file you have 'require_font-awesome' => true, in the template_init function )

Then you should be able to add in some HTML like
Code: [Select]
<i class="fa fa-folder"></i>
which will show the folder icon where you place that code.  Pick whatever icon that is available with FA.

PS Nice you see you, hope all is well ! :D


Re: [ADDON] Font Awesome Icons in the Editor

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Thanks, Spuds, I'll give it a try.

All is well, yes. Had some life changes the last months, some bad, some good, but overall I am very happy at the moment. I am officially divorced now, but have a wonderful new relationship growing, with kids (I love kids). I am still working in home office, it's save but a bit lonely. I was on holiday with her last week, which was a very good idea (and safe too, because we were still in Germany, no need for risky holidays in Greece or Spain). All is doing great. Thanks for asking, didn't know I was missed.  :D