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Re: Stress relief

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Ohh.. a piano, one day I'll try to play one again. xD

Re: Stress relief

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Looks so tranquil.

Re: Stress relief

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I can't say the same, badmonkey  ... my favorite pastime is snowed in, alas... :'(
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Re: Stress relief

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That's Mt. Rainier, badmonkey. My wife has climbed it, but I haven't - I've climbled Mt. Whitney, which is 86 feet taller  (86.811 feet to be precise, if I can believe the surveyors in 1909), but Whitney doesn't have glaciers, crevasses, ice-falls, etc. like Rainier, so she gets the technical badass prize.  We lose a half-dozen folks up on Rainier every year.
Great hiking all around the area, but I stay off the steep frozen, slick stuff now.

That bike is the third in my "stable",  - I built it last winter  from an old Harley frame I had, then covid hit and the whole freakin state folded up like a cheap lawn-chair so I couldn't get it safety-inspected for licensing for months (and eventually had to trailer it to another county, or I'd still be waiting).  Here's a couple more pics of it, including a stop at the Naches Tavern on the way up to Sunrise (who ever heard of a tavern closed on Wednesdays?  :'(  ).  

And pics of the other two.. (it's a problem I didn't forsee - I can only ride one at a time, and I get a guilt trip leaving the other two alone in the garage when I take one out. Don't know why I never had that problem with women, oddly enough.)

Re: Stress relief

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Nice !

I was unable to get out at all this year, my RV has been stuck in place :`(  My yeti (well my Cabelas version) is calling for some beer.

Re: Stress relief

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We took to the woods today. The afternoon brought a small surprise snow. For the little we got, it still coated the trees for a beautiful effect. 

Re: Stress relief

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Today we took a pandemic break backroad ride. 

Re: Stress relief

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Flexie is right ;)

Re: Stress relief

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Family time with a view. This is where I grew up. I long to be back there. Maybe one day. Fatt Dawg was sure to guard the table. Lol