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test attachments


Re: test attachments

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Always IE11?

Re: test attachments

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Oh no. Now I have this problem again! With Chrome AND IE!  ::)  :(

Edit: The "attach two files, show only one" problem appeared also.

Re: test attachments

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Well, in the post above you have another problem: the temporary file name was not replaced while posting.
Guess this can happen only if:
1) the image failed to upload,
2) you copy and pasted the text from a preview to a new post.

@Jorin I appreciate really a lot your testing, but please try to explain a bit what you are doing, because from your posts the only thing I can do is guess what you may have done, but guessing doesn't really help in triaging bugs... :-\

Re: test attachments

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Sorry, you're right.  :-[

I did not use copy&paste. I tiped my post and attached two files. I waited till the editor was done with uploading them and the button to insert them as inline image AND the image preview in the attach section was shown. Then I clicked on full size and "insert" to insert the image into my text. And then, as you can see in the two screnshots in my last post, with Chrome and IE i don't see the inline images, neither as full size images nor as thumbnails. All I get is a small icon.

I hope it's not my internet connection here at the office or the IT department messing up things. If you wish I can test this all later at home AND I will edit my previous posts and explain better what I did. And test them again at home of course.  :-[

Re: test attachments

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I think it could be the same as the other problem (i.e. a mix of slow server response and odd javascript behaviour).
If you do anything, please do not edit your previous posts, they are important as they are (giving info on what happened ;)).

Re: test attachments

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Okay. I'll test at home on the weekend, but will not edit my previous posts.

Re: test attachments

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update 1.1.4 

see guest "asd"

looks normal when logged in

my forum permission setting guest not allowed view attacments

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Re: test attachments

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open ila.integrate.php (sources/subs)
go to line 179 and replace the "asd" in the alt tag with whatever text you like, including nothing.

Re: test attachments

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test pdf icon attachments