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Re: [ADDON] Amazon Affiliate (Earn from Amazon Links)

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there are some small bugs into this version, but they can be easily corrected:
  • open AmazonAffiliate.integration.php
    Code: [Select]
    'href="$1/dp/$3/?tag='. $modSettings['amazon_affiliate_id'],
    and replace with:
    Code: [Select]
    'href="$1/dp/$3/?tag='. $modSettings['amazon_affiliate_id'],
  • rename themes/default/languages/english/Amazonaffiliate.english.php with AmazonAffiliate.english.php
  • since all links are now https it's a good idea to change all the amazon existing links to https. Open phpmyadmin and run this query:
    Code: [Select]
    UPDATE elkarte_messages set body = REPLACE(body,  '', '');

Attached the addon, works with Elkarte 1.0.x & 1.1.x
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Amazon Affiliate (Earn from Amazon Links)

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Does the attched Addon already has these fixes in it or do I still to manually need
to change:


Many thanks.

Re: [ADDON] Amazon Affiliate (Earn from Amazon Links)

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Does this also work with Elkarte 1.1.3 ?

What about the new DSGVO Law in Germany ?
It is a very hot topic in this moment..
You must ask the users to agree to cookies set on your website...

Very annoying new law...

Regards, Stefan.

Re: [ADDON] Amazon Affiliate (Earn from Amazon Links)

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DSGVO as far as I understand is the EU-GDPR (that is an European Regulation and not a German law even though that doesn't change the point), and is not about cookies. ;)
There are few topics and few issues open.

At the moment, I think ElkArte lacks some tools to deal with the GDPR "automatically". Of course it's possible to workaround several things with specific actions, but admin interfaces to simplify these actions are indeed missing.
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