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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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I installed the Wave plugin (I think its from WebAIM) for chrome and that seems to do good job at pointing out problem areas w/o having to have a site published, so good for development.  I ran it on light and made a couple of alt text (all those alt="") and link fixes (a few text-less links), colors were fine.  Only checked a few of the main pages.

I'll look to see what it takes to get to AA on the dark theme.  Agree about to much contrast, for me it get harsh and for dark themes I tend to like ones with a touch less contrast, probably why Darktanion ended up where it did.  It was one of those color wheel changes on text/links until, yeah that feels good to my eyes.

Glad you got to reset the theme.  That theme choice area of Profile was redone in 2.0, it used to use the admin controller but now its stands alone in the profile controller, so yeah, a few bugs added.
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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So another round of updates were applied today.  Some of these were already "live" but had not been committed to the repo, so what we have now is what is *really* in the dev branch of the repo.

Some notes:
  • Some more random CSS cleanup, mostly padding/spacing and the like
  • Committed the chart.js items for stats view, that was discussed in another topic.  Also now in profile stats, those little donuts that showed popular boards by posts are now SVG created on the "fly" icons.  You no longer have to deal with the old sprite image which only had distinct wedges and was more difficult to color to the theme.  Now you can change the color with ease.
  • The JS/CSS minify was updated so now you can choose to minify files but NOT combine them into one.  Some folks like that better.  This was an update that also included JS defer changes and some other minor cleanup of inline JS.  Unfortunerly one of the JS compile options we had was a google service that did code optimization as well, but that service has been flagged as depreciated so we can really use that any longer.  Now its simply a whitespace remover.
  • Added, as an experiment, several other video embed sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok  I'll do a separate post on that.
  • Open graph metadata and site schema is now an option. If you look at the page source you will see the tags that are added by the option (its not all in the head, so look at the bottom as well).  This data is not on all pages, its primarily on topic view,  board and topic index pages.   It will use the appropriate description for the page and will also make use of attachments (from the first post only) to help announce the item.  Basically the open graph stuff is used when you share a page on a social site and the schema stuff is for search engine consumption.
  • Another large batch of fixes to various areas, to numerous to list, still lots to go !
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Great news, specially for metadata & site schema, IIRC this feature was asked some time ago to be implemented
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Slowly getting all the features in place.   You will notice the schema org data in its fullest form only when viewing the first page of a topic.

If there are other features that have been requested and are not in place, don't hesitate to post a little nudge reminder:smile:
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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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I haven't get involved in this for quite some times (may be because I am not sure how) but so far I can only see that the 2.0 development is doing great. Thank you all for keeping it up and moving to the right direction.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Hear, hear!