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Error in info center

just re-intalled to the stable and uploaded a theme I was working on when I noticed there was a error loading the info center.\

QuoteFatal error: Call to undefined function call_template_callbacks() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/sources/Load.php(2611) : eval()'d code on line 131

Re: Error in info center

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Yes, that's related to some changes I made between RC2 and final.
You need a new function in index.template.php:
Additionally, in order to be "fully compatible" with new addons, you'd have to re-work the header and the info center to match the ones in the default theme, in particular:

If you have not touched index.template.php, just replace it with the new one, otherwise if you need any help to fix it feel free to post your version of the file. ;)

Re: Error in info center

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I did alter it a bit, might be easier to post it here   :P

Re: Error in info center

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Looks like the only change is that you removed the login bar, right?

If so, the attached should do the trick (change the name to the correct one ;).


Re: Error in info center

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Yeah, I forget the rest was all css changes lol.
Worked great thank you.

Need a marked solved  ;)