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"Submit" themes

I was actually wondering how can you pull request on github, so I could add my own themes to ElkArte project :) After an hour I still wasn't able to sort it out.

Re: "Submit" themes

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Git and github can be a pain. lol

BTW, I don't think merge the custom themes into the main repo is the best option, but there is a repo for themes if you want:

Re: "Submit" themes

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This is where I was trying to merge them. And yeah it is a real pain.

Re: "Submit" themes

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Ohh okay! Sorry. :)

I'm not sure where you got stuck, so I cannot give you detailed advices, in general the idea is:
fork the repo
clone it locally
create a new branch
add and commit your files
push to your fork
send the pull request

Re: "Submit" themes

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Wow, your description is much easier than the github manual. It took me 10 minutes to do it "your way" :) One addition to your instruction is that you should pull request from your repository. Thank you!

Re: "Submit" themes

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Indeed. Then I should also add "enable github notifications". lol