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I'm greeeeeen :D

yet again, this time the green variant..
Quote from: TE – Still testing color variants and need some feedback.. It's just a working draft, but I'd like to know if its worth spending more time or better drop it and start again  :D
Keep in mind: I'm not a designer, but please be honest. If you don't like it (or parts) please tell me..
Thorsten "TE" Eurich


Re: I'm greeeeeen :D

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Nice :)

It's simpler than [my] red I guess.. or is it just me, dunno. I like that simplicity for starters or for default theme.
I'm not a fan of the particular green, but it'd be difficult to say why or which. (and a subjective matter I guess, too)
The best moment for testing your PR is right after you merge it. Can't miss with that one.