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attachments directory not found

Strange behaviour: My fresh Beta 2 installation for a little games forum showed a strange error message like: "attachment directory not found" when trying to make a post, no matter with or without attachment. And yes: In the backend there was no attachment directory listet! The forum was installed without errors, the directory was created on the server automatically from the installation routine. It was there with FTP, but ElkArte didn't found it. Huh?

I had to add a new path to the attachment directory in the backend and now it works. Just wanted to tell, don't know if this is really a bug.  :-X

Re: attachments directory not found

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Can you have a look at the error log to see if there is something that may be related?

What kind of settings do you have for the attachment directories? (Manual, automatic, what kind of automatic if any, etc.)
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Re: attachments directory not found

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We only have one error in the error log (but 14 times the same) - see attachment please. But maybe that's because of the PM problem describes here?

Method = manual
Directory = /www/htdocs/xyz/elkarte/attachments
Maximum files = 0
Maximum space = 0
Re-encode = deactivated
Extensive security checks = deactivated

Do you need more information? TE has an admin account btw.

Re: attachments directory not found

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That log is from Hybrid-Piloten Elk, not from your little games forum ;)
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Re: attachments directory not found

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Right. Sorry.  :-[

I'll post the error messages tomorrow. I think I found the ones which are interesting in this case.

Re: attachments directory not found

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@Jorin how did it end up on this one?
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Re: attachments directory not found

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The board doesn't exist anymore - so does the error.  :D

Thanks for asking.  :)