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Remove help

As much as it pains me to say (not), this entry is (in its current and likely for the foreseeable time) completely useless.
The entries linked are mostly not even existing and in I don't even remember how many years, nobody took the lead to do anything with them.
I think that, in the wake of 2.0 is time to face reality and drop this menu entry along with all code related (not that it's much, but something).
The only thing that may be worth sparing is the BBC part that could find its place in an help window in the editor.

The only reasonable objection is someone steps up and volunteer to do something with it, otherwise keep it just for the sake of saying "we have an help" doesn't make sense.
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Re: Remove help

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I was looking at phpbb forums since they always had enormous documentation:
but I am also looking at XF where they have a few help pages.
From default you have:
  • Smilies
  • BBCode
  • Trophies
  • Cookies
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy

The content of these pages is included into translation, but you can also add some help pages. Nothing fancy on the backend, just add a title and the content of your page which will be included into help pages.

I never read the phpBB documentation, but on my XF forum I added a few pages whith the arguments that were asked often from my members. Some examples:
- how to unsubscribe from email notifications
- how to uplod picures
- how to delete your account
- how to use Search
- a small FAQ
To be honest I prefer the XF way, just some basic info and the possibility to add your own help pages with the arguments you prefer (based on the questions you receive as admin)
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Re: Remove help

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Looks like many of those pages do not exist on the Wiki ... to be honest I never even checked for that LOL. 

Perhaps If we change those topics to some of the ones @radu81 suggest maybe they would get written, basically ones that a user would tend to ask, like how do I post pictures.  But I don't think they would never be translated (I don't think that is an option on the Github wiki?)

Add you own help page seems like a nice option as well but does not seem much difference that having a "help me" board with locked/stick topics?
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Re: Remove help

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For the users, I have a "Help" board with specific (locked) topics pertinent to my unique configuration , and a "Playground" board for users to try stuff that is periodically cleaned out (and rarely used).
General rule is the better the UI, the less need for documentation, and EA has a pretty decent UI.
Admin is a different thing, but then, we have, right? :D

The nasty thing about help docs is that if they aren't maintained (kept aligned with existing releases) they're actually counter-productive. A number of boards I considered before EA I rejected right off the bat because it was impossible to know what instructions applied to what release version. (Example screen-shots didn't match the software under evaluation, etc.).
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Re: Remove help

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Documentation takes a lot of time and effort, sometimes (always?) it goes unrecognized.   Then as you stated, once its done it has to be maintained, that is tiring item and hard to get motivated by when its rarely used.  Some folks really like doing that work, but spuds looks to his left and right and does not see that person here :D
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Re: Remove help

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@Spuds yep, most of them are not even started...

@radu81 yep, I remember some similar discussion, though extending the help to let admins write custom pages is a pretty pain, and other solutions already exist: custom board, pages with a portal, (I think pages with an addon too), etc.
In the current shape I don't see any value in that page.
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Re: Remove help

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This reminds me: for some reason the #helpmain div is given its own specific styling by id, which is a PITA for customisation. It should just pick up an existing class.

(Note for versions before complete removal.)
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