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Has ElkArte become cuter ? Started by meetdilip · · Read 2903 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Has ElkArte become cuter ?

Is it the Cinnamon desktop I am using on Ubuntu 14.04 or is there any change in theme on ElkArte. Sorry for being absent for some time. Lost the password and password reset mails came late. And trying them showed session expired. The theme looks a bit more flatter and smoother.

PS : Good to be back.  ;)

Re: Has ElkArte become cuter ?

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I was wondering why you were so quite! :P

Don't forget there is (somewhere) a contact page... it should probably be more evident. (Oh, wait it's in the header, I didn't remember lol)
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Re: Has ElkArte become cuter ?

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Sorry about the email thing,  I had made a configuration error on the server which was preventing them from going out.  Happened when I was updating the backup scripts, long and painful story :P

I don't think there were any theme changes (other than the standard trying to get things linked up) that would cause it to be flatter / smoother.  Are you using the besocial or default variant?

Good to see you around !

Re: Has ElkArte become cuter ?

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Thanks @emanuele , @Spuds

Ema, not going to leave ElkArte just like that  ;)

Spuds, I used a command on which I got from the Linux Mint forum. It's ok about email messing up. It means ElkArte is moving ahead at a good pace. Mistakes doesn't happen unless you do something.  8)