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ElkArte 1.1.7 Release Notes

This is a summary of the major fixes and improvements since the 1.1.6 release, if you are interested in the details, you can have a look at the repository, the detailed list of commits and changes is long. 

I've tried to place the changes in categories to help navigate.  All commits have a ref link that will take you to that specific commit, bug fix numbers are also linked.

In all 197 files were changed with 6,871 additions and 4,827 deletions.  This is a large and overdue patch, but we are getting close to release, I just need to finish packaging things up.

  • [BugFix] ! board name in notifications needs to be cleaned (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3463 Wrong quote attribution on message modify (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update to the latest push since it was updated since I updated it last (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add subject string to the mention email notifications (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! buddy email notifications were not working (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add a supported frequency value to the mention methods (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! always set the timeout function not just on success (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update to use the pushjs script which is what desktop notifications became (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update to the latest version of desktop notifications thing (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! add link such that clicking on a notification takes you somewhere (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! further simplify and try to show the notification that resulted in the request ! its a relative link (and used by the service worker) ! add the service worker ! point sourcemap to git repo to keep debug console happy (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3376 and #3375 Mention count indicator is not always up to date (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! trigger browser allow notification dialog when they enable them in profile (ref).

  • [BugFix] ! change from hexadecimal to full range in upgrade/install (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! should use tokenizer here, but for now a simple update in install (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! force an update of the salt w/o logout if needed. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! use the new salt function where appropriate (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! add a simple salt function to help centralize (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3386 Incorrect cookie set when password is changed (ref).

  • [Enhancement] + last jsqueeze (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + update simple_html_dom to the latest (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + update markdown lib to the latest (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + update css minifier to the latest.  Has some speed increases and recent PHP version updates. (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + latest push rel (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + final 1.x SCE? update to this (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix for corrupted woff2 file (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + update to the latest hover intent and superfish. Superfish also has a non released iOS "fix" that I included should it not get added before we release 1.1.7 (ref).

    BBC Codes and Editor
  • [BugFix] ! permit validation function a way to update tag values (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Quoting was to restrictive on member display names (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + improve js c0mpression of editor a tiny bit ! additional escaping for testing (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! they all seem to be like Fx now, have to use shift+alt+? even in chrome. (ref).
  • [Enhancement] ! display qr with full editor should initialize and act like post editor, pm editor, etc.  It was also failing to add hidden input fields or the shortcut text (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! those need to be sanitized for safe travel (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! leftover from? Not used nor validated so gone (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix error in bbc parser which would eat closing tag when TRIM_OUTSIDE or TRIM_BOTH was specified due to wrong offset in trimWhiteSpace.  This resulted in > characters or newlines appearing in certain edge cases ! update table tag to trim both (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixed hard-coded insert string to insert ILA attachments in posts - thanks forumv0od for reporting and Radu for identifying the bug - #t5830 (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! be nice to see the cursor in the edit box (ref).

    Fulltext Search
  • [Enhancement] + Added subject to MATCH (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Added option to create Fulltext Index on subject ,body, subject+body (ref).

    DB Updates
  • [BugFix] ! improve regex for subselect limit in postgre adapter based on 1.1.7 testing feedback (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix GROUP BY issue on pgsql (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! make sure to populate the database with a random, even when not used. (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Removed initial default argument as it doesn't have any impact or effect '' when used evaluates to INSERT on the line starting (ref).

    Message / Smiley Icons
  • [BugFix] ! D&D dropping a smile in first place did not work ! assuming the message icon PR is merged, this need to point to the right subs as well (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! use the new fetch functions in place of magic get since we now have url's and names to return (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! move getMessageIcons() to the message icon subs instead of editor subs (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update MessageTopicIcons.class.php to use the icons from the db and not what was called out from the topic listing. Also update to respect ACP flag for custom message icon enable ! Update to return both url for png based icons and name for svg (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update the templates to use the svg when the site is not using custom message icons and png versions when it is (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! and the svg smile message icons in the css (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! new message smile png icons to match new SVG versions (ref).

  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3422 first the selector changed so the mousedown Event was not being attached to the post/send button which created an orphan draft ! PM drafts were never calling the message_sent event which was required to remove drafts of what was just sent, leaving lots of PM drafts behind. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! when switching from QR to full post via preview or save draft the draft id may have been set so we need to check or it will create a duplicate draft orphaning the one created in QR (ref).

  • [BugFix] ! Should set it if its not set to avoid doing that lookup every time (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add client value as ACP entry  with auto munging (ref).
  • [Enhancement] !+use the new function in setting smtp client (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add new getFQDN function to server controller :/ (ref).

    Travis Test fixes
  • [BugFix] ! more missing parts (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Oh Joy ... test fixins (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! fun with the build environment, fix xcache, cull the number of environments to speed things up, minor depreciation fixes in yml file. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update test to match changes in markdown link (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! This time the fixed class is correct and the test was wrong (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! broke tests again (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! turn of php5.4 testing and mysql5.7 (no longer supported on trusty) (ref).

    PHP 7.4/8
  • [BugFix] ! further steps to help prevent depreciation notice in 7.4 cause by any non octal (e.g. alpha, space or int > 7) character (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! minor php8 prep, use of consistent param names (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! reported on the site with php7.4.  This will no fix the isolated issue as we don't have what incorrect mode was passed, but its a start. With 7.4 the docs do state "Passing invalid characters will now generate a deprecation notice" (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! additional 7.4 goodness (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! fix the 7.4 fix (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! seems concat that way does not work in 7.4 and others i suspect (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Was a 7.4 array offset issue fixed by adding usersaved to pm's as well (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! 7.4 Trying to access array offset on value of type bool (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3385 Some errors I got. PHP 7.4? (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! seems php8 is returning 0 now instead of false on the "" compare or the comparison was already broken ? (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! better looking under php8 (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! php8 does not like if you send a parameter to a method that accepts none and many other things.  This addresses sending items when none are required.  I was not sure if this was simply an error elsewhere or an artifact of the way the event system works. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! php8 parameter names need to match ! php8 optional parameters must be after required ones ! old? bug on installed package listing (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! this will never exist for member id 0, so set a blank to avoid a php8 error (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! This still supports 5.3, SO I fixed the error doing 8 testing :O (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3419 a few more callable update (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3419 update dispatcher for php8 leaves current dispatcher behavior unchanged (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Some functions you just can't please, so you get what we got here today. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3373 use instance of instead for isset (ref).

  • [BugFix] ! PBE messageID was was incorrectly and improperly added under certain conditions Note this also added improper keys to the db which would cause the 1.0=>1.1 pbe email table upgrade to silently fail. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix ILA in PBE mails.  e.g. don't link both child image and parent link, Consolidate line length wrapping decision, Set PBE to gen a base64 email, add line end to image and href links to cut down the length (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! remove ascii ctrl characters in inbound PBE (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3361 Enhanced daily digest was not being sent(ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3356 Wrong array sent to log_email prevented reply by email (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3360 html 2 bbc prevent unsupported HTML->BBC conversion (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! wrapped lists had to many breaks (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! word wrap was eating line separators (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! There could be br's hidden in there (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3476 ACP PBE functions are not using the new DB structure (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! session validation failure on bounce PBE notes. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! << characters (and the line) were being stripped by strip_tags (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + improve failed PBE email template, move txt strings to template (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + adds some new content types that we can handle should they arrive ! now selects the last and most complete/accurate plain/text version + Use a stdClass to hold iteration results allowing us to free the parser ! base64 was loosing linefeeds somewhere, a bit of a hacky fix with br's (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! html to MD links were not always wrapping correctly.  This changes to url encoding vs html and also adds a utf8 link character which will force a base64 version of the email which will not be as susceptible to client wrapping (assuming we do it right) (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! PBE attachments were not attaching to the right message (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! add samesite parameter to set cookie function (php 7.3+) currently no ACP setting, this just defaults the value to Lax which is what browsers are doing anyway.  Should someone even need to change this they can use the integration hook or call the function directly etc. (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Add another potential plain list character * (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Might as well send them to the right place (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! prevent data loss when false is returned (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3396 #3397 #3398 Thanks @JoergPalmer for doing the work ! (ref).

    Various Enhancements
  • [Enhancement] + Allow to set the CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Fixes #3341 Replaced queries in Topic.subs.php with ones that scale better to massive threads.  (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + some left over temp table items that should have been removed with the other temp table code removal (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + mentions areas/types should be dynamic not static array ! allow addons to supply their own unsubscribe method (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add in the template and response text to unsubscribe requests (ref).
  • [BugFix] + cleanup (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + update existing and add missing unsubscribe links ! improve, maybe, the language string and formatting (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + add unsubscribe to the notify controller (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + allow addcss/addjs to use subdir (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + we have no temp table now, so do not check (ref).

    Stupid Headers
  • [BugFix] ! clean up version headers (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! update file version tags (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! missing header updates (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! see I'm not the only one (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! headers (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! well I only missed one :P (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! there is a chance that someday I'll remember to do this on the first commit (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! headers (ref).

  • [BugFix] ! captcha image is often cropped (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! some JS is partially hiding the first child (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! use nocookie for youtube embed (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! make sure this always has 2 items to avoid log spam (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Admin member search was not picking up SA (get, post) so results was all members (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3475 ACP member search not working (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! format typo (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! clearRequest should happen AFTER pre include integration (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! minor cleanup on the install files, missed https, remove an old PHP check, etc. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! regression, fixed in 1.0 but lost in 1.1, don't optimize innodb tables (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! that looks like a regression error, I know its been fixed before (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! wrong index key created for merging in custom icons (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! remove extra slash from when ACP did not strip them (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Missed another instance (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! misaligned buttons on calendar.png ! More space for quick mod icons in search view (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! those slashes (from install) are ugly! (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! fix multiple issues / annoyances in manage attachments (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! typo (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! move topics maintenance function was failing on tokens (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Return accidentally removed addServers call (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! sort the poll options (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! discussed at SMF as a fix for Failed to write session data using user defined save handler which has shown up from time to time. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! with statements were missed in debug (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! should not matter but better safe (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! not needed, left over from debug, like that function really is (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! seems a clean death is hard to come by (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! leave in place for now, its just easier ATM (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! _setup_fatal_ErrorContext could cause fatal error in a cycle of depression (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! align the event parameters (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! address more of #3225 update runs after new install if you don't delete install(ref).
  • [BugFix] ! was in the log during testing so just to be sure protect (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! attachment maintenance was failing to run (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! not going to work without the needed subs file (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! let updateSettings add it to modSettings else it will never get saved (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! wrong order of param makes ide function hints wrong (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Looks innocent but you must have imagick strip exif headers or the re-encode dangerous attachments is useless (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! little used now days, but die with reason when init fails (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! loadMemberContext was not in proper place of ajax requests (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Wrong type in doc block (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Restore readFileVersions($tmp_version_info function call (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix for installing new theme using an existing path (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fix error for read only files in version check (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! few niggly things from the latest smf releases (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! language tweak (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! keep static analysis happy(ish) (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! fix ajax call to notify controller since we moved it from the cozy array ! minor update to how we pass the data to the unsubscribe hash function ! add basic spam protection ! add the template + message function to the controller (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! remove like mentions were not working, needs a base notification body (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! few more noopener noreferrer for the amateur spammers (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! tweak SSL detection (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Add X-Frame-Options in install/upgrade ! lower the error reporting "spam" so users don't get concerned that the developers are slow (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! we have shown redirect works, time to point to the right site (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! some mundane http => https (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3382 Util::htmltrim does not, plus improve whitespace regex (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3383 gobbledygook logic line in repairboard.subs (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! I think there may be some evil magic going on (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3374 query optimization issue when post moderation was enabled (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3328 Improve Alignment issue with the "insert" button at low resolution (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3362 registration younger where registration user click i am least 18 years old (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! those don't validate since they are already inside menuitem links (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! missing the closing /li ... validator does not care though? ! don't show the spellcheck where its not wanted (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! elk_getimagezise returns -1,-1 on error and we need to account for that. (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3358 BB Should not delete log entries when logging is off (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3364 Reporting of PM's leads to error screen (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! sigh ... just yea (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3326 prepareMembersByQuery array used as key (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3330 TopicUtil::prepareContext fails to load default avatar (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3342 Guests and users do not see the preview of the attachments (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3357 Bad Behavior should not load when running CLI (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! Fixes #3359 Call to undefined function hasBoardNotification() (ref).
  • [BugFix] ! backport issue fixes found when merging 117 into 20, additional 7.4 goodness, prevent some error log spam, strip trailing slash from smiley url in acp (ref).
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