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ElkArte 1.1.8 Release Notes Started by Spuds · · Read 30923 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

ElkArte 1.1.8 Release Notes

This is a summary of the major fixes and improvements since the 1.1.7 release, if you are interested in the details, you can have a look at the repository, where the detailed list of commits can be found. 

I've broken down the changes in  to categories to help navigate.  All commits have a ref link that will take you to that specific commit, bug fix numbers are also linked.

In all 15 files were changed, and the fix includes an important security patch.

  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3509 Notice: Undefined index: front_page (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3499 Call to undefined function countUserMentions() (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3508 Emails may truncate when being downloaded (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Fix #3507 Emails may fail DKIM key processing (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Compliance with the old version of php we claim (ref).
  • [Bugfix] ! Point to a location that exists (ref).

  • [Enhancement] + First pass at making fulltext index search on subject only (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + D&D board arrangement was twitchy (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + enhance the MD word wrapping logic/flow (ref).
  • [Enhancement] + Ability to turn off current action from profile view (ref)

  • [Security] ! Fix #3506 Old Jquery Version security issues (ref).
  • [Security] ! Unprivileged user can delete attachment (ref).

Re: ElkArte 1.1.8 Release Notes

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Thanks Spuds, I just installed the patch on 2 forums without problems.
sorry for my bad english

Re: ElkArte 1.1.8 Release Notes

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Thank you Spud, just upgraded !  :D


Re: ElkArte 1.1.8 Release Notes

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Thanks, update worked without problems.  :)