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ILA lightbox

Hmm, also I see here in this forum, that if somebody has posted multiple pics in a posting, you can NOT
click on the edges of the opened picture to get to the next picture...
so somewhat like a Slideshow effect
Wasn´t this feature announced for Elkarte 1.1.1 ?
Or do I need to install some addon for it like Fancybox ??

Re: ILA lightbox

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It actually is there, just not with a mouse click: it works with swipes on mobiles and the arrows on "normal" browsers.
Probably the mouse click is more... known to desktop users?

Re: ILA lightbox

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Yep, the mouse click should be included imo.

Re: ILA lightbox

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I have no idea about the complexity, this is all @Spuds code, he is the master of that! :P

Re: ILA lightbox

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Well, I gave it a try.
It works (I think), the positioning and behaviour may not be the best, but the arrows are there.