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Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes Started by Spuds · · Read 17469 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

I'm starting to package up Elk 1.1.10, below are the key updates/fixes that will be included.  If you have experienced other bugs (than those listed) please report them now.  From the below list, the most interesting are:

- A fix for MySql 8.0.2+
- Additional fixes for PHP 8.x
- Changed the behavior of JS/CSS minimization.  Currently it combines CSS and above/below fold JS files into single files and minimizes those.  The new behavior removes that combining and simply minimizes each individual file and includes each file in the output.  It now also minimizes (read remove white space) any inline CSS and JS that is included.   The former combining behavior was a good practice when sites were HTTP/1.1 and had limited concurrent connections, but with HTTP/2 being more prevalent now, that constraint is no longer a concern as its multiplexing feature eliminates the need for concurrent connections.  Should you need the old behavior you will need to do a file edit, but really its time to move on.

1.1.10 Changelog

  • Below are the key changes in 1.1.10, the full change listing is (here). 

    Feature Enhancements

  • [Enhancement] Update to a new JS minimizer lib (ref).
  • [Enhancement] Improve the live news formatting with MD->HTML (ref).
  • [Enhancement] Enhance js/css combiner to allow minimizing only and add capability for inline js and css (ref).
  • [Enhancement] New option to place spider in a restrictive group (not just based on) (ref).

    General Improvements

  • [Improve] Add ability to use tab specific help in place of generic (ref).
  • [Improve] Video linking should be deferred (ref).
  • [Improve] News fader can be deferred (ref).
  • [Improve]  Do not add ORDER BY NULL to INSERT queries containing sub-selects (ref).
  • [Improve] Add a simple function to check if a deferred resource is available for use (ref).
  • [Improve] Update push.js to the latest (prevents addeventlistener error) (ref).
  • [Improve] Editor startup code (smiley box etc) moved to its own plugin to allow deferring (ref).
  • [Improve] Place cursor at start of editor box when modifying a message, also move editor into view when reply / modify is used for better UI (ref).

    Bugs Fixed

  • [bugfix] ! listing group members failed to create a page index resulting in one long list (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Do not call JS functions if its not needed/available (such as in ACP) (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! like stats was shown wrong 1-n order, improve formatting, wrong number of likes on messages (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! datePublished should be in ISO 8601 in the metadata for best acceptance (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Prevent page jump when wizzy is on, undo enabled and QR is empty, e.g. <p><br></p> (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! un-notify via guest (email link) results in an empty board name query_wanna (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Youtube thumbnail is not always at that location, update to use an oembed call to find it (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Topics could be inaccessible when unsubscribe via email link was used, resulting in an error (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Fx would throw a defer console error  (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Regex in re-validate mentions was using a range vs simple character (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Prevent scheduled task form generating a query_see_board error, now set to deny it (0=1) if it happens (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! id_msg was set to late for use in signature parseBBC (addon issue) (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Drop attachments was not setting a proper response header resulting in bad XML response (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Regression issue in HTML2BBC conversion due to using value which is empty. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Do not send PbE when its a PM warning,  they cant reply anyway (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Revert smart quote removal as some old db's are still being imported/converted (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Allow for an empty board description  (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Junk document header was being returned on empty html2bbc conversion and empty board description (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Pull the updated combiner back to core, now allowing individual compression (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Headers that needed updating (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Install/update changes for 1.1.10 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Special case for fatal error template so its output properly (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! use BETWEEN just so its not a hideous >= <= construct (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Support various ways to chmod 0755 755 '0755' '755' due to php typecast (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3716 posts by guest generated a metadata error (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! w/o that index search querys bound by "days" is very slow (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Prevent error log message, this function is also depreciated (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Show more quotes need to be redone on a quick modify (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Make sure html2bbc is included when it needed for inbound email (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Can not use "row" in SELECT with newer mysql.  Fixes DD sorting with smileys (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Make sure getloadavg returns something useful (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Point to the theme / addons sites (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3709 the return value of strpos() should always be explicitly checked (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3710 Double $txt['mc_posts'] in ModerationCenter.english.php (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Improve the no menu by checking for function as well. This due to routing from moderation areas (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! var was being added to late for use in ajax header (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Need to output any js vars as well for pre/post (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Consolidate quote trimming function to single area (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Admin settings for site time format were not being honored (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Edit all option in board permissions was not working (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3703 missing language string (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3702 cursor can be trapped in quote/code block (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3701 Guest verification search never passes (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x was not properly working (ref).

    PHP 8.x updates

  • [8.x] ! PHP.2 depreciation sending non countable (ref).
  • [8.x] ! mb_strlen(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated (ref).
  • [8.x] ! Depreciation notice raised when creating a page index. (ref).
  • [8.x] ! Custom field check exception with wrong value count sent to vsprintf (ref).
  • [8.x] ! Prevent warning on null object in strtolower (ref).
  • [8.x] ! BB issue with newer 8.x version of PHP (ref).
  • [8.x] fix #3700 Error when adding PM rules on php 8.2 (ref).
  • [8.x] fix #3715 uninitialized array (ref).
  • [8.x] ! Another little 8.x bump in the road, improper variable initialization (ref).
  • [8.x] ! fix #3706 edit all option in board permissions was not working (#3706) (ref).
  • [8.x] ! There is irony that the error class has an error (ref).

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Re: ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #1

Great but there is no package to test yet?

Re: ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #3

I read that but this is a formal release note thread so I imagine a test package if not a ready package is attached but there is none so I asked.

Re: ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #4

I'll have one up today ... I had intended to put "preliminary" in the subject but ....  :cry:

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #5

Here is the patch file that you can run on Elk 1.1.9 via the package manager.

Just to note, it adds a new index to the messages table, so if you have a large forum (400k+ messages) this can take some time and you run the risk of a timeout.  Its not critical to have this new index and one could add it with phpmyadmin or good old CLI.  I'll look to make that an optional step for those with larger forums.

As always, do this on a backup of your site :head_bandage::hammer: 

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #6

Thanks a lot. I will be testing it with php8.3 since its the latest.

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #7

Cool .... I've not done any 8.3 testing so I'd be interested to hear your findings. 

I did find another 8.x typecast error buried deep in the code that I'll add in 1.1.10 final

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #9

Here is an updated 1.1.10 package.  It has the following changes

- fixed another php8 issue in bad behavior
- fixed a php8 depreciation notice in spider stats
- fixed gibberish being returned for an empty new board description
- added option to move crawlers into the restrictive group which allows you to limit them to specific boards (easier than robot txt)
Last Edit: January 08, 2024, 05:01:36 pm by Spuds

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #10

I'm attaching an updated GenericControls.template.php which is in your themes/default directory.

We have a behavior (due to the version of the editor we use) that causes the editor to sometimes move into view when the page loads, and sometimes not, its a bit complicated with browser and editor plugins interaction   ....  and you probably don't even notice :D

Moving the editor into view, I think, is a generally nice.  There are some places where you don't want that to happen, for example quick reply or a comments box below an article as those are not the focus of the page, but modify or reply I think it makes sense.

The other behavior we have is when you go to edit a post (not quick edit but full modify) the post loads and the editor has scrolled to the bottom of the post and places the cursor there.  Its not as noticeable on a short post, but if you have a long post its obvious.

Attached is a proposal that will fix/standardize both behaviors.  The editor will load the message to modify and begin at the start of the message, not the end.  It will also move the editor to the page top (modify/reply/etc) since that is the focus of what you are doing.  So give the below a try, its just one file, save your old one so you can revert, and let me know what you think:thinking:

ETA its in the latest patch file attached in a later post
Last Edit: January 08, 2024, 05:02:17 pm by Spuds

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #11

Quote from: Spuds – So give the below a try, its just one file, save your old one so you can revert, and let me know what you think:thinking:

Seems like a go, to me.
I like the new behavior.
The jumping to the end on modify, was really annoying.  :tongue:

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #12

Unfortunately, I do not have a test environment to test this update  :embarrassed: 
Quote from: Spuds –
  • [8.x] fix #3700 Error when adding PM rules on PHP 8.2 (

which is the suggested version to use with elkarte 1.1.10? IIRC it was 8.1 not 8.2.
sorry for my bad english

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #13

It should run fine under either ... I've been doing all my testing under 8.2 just to try and stay ahead of things.

Seems like 8.2 will trigger more deprecation notices than 8.1, but it could simply be things I missed in 8.1 and 1.1.9  :zipper_mouth:

I've been testing 1.1.10 for a few days and have found a few more 8.2 glitches, but not many, and certainly in remote areas.

Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes

Reply #14

All php8 including 8.3 should be usable on 1.1.10.