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Elkarte underrated IMO

Some days ago I was surfing on the net giving a look to the features of other forum software and very surprisingly I've found that Elkarte is not mentioned as one of the best forum actually available.

I find this very unfair,  Elkarte has got at least the  same features  (and more !!!! ) of other expensive php forum .

I simply DO NOT agree.

The more I give a look to other software the more I appreciate Elkarte.

Elkarte is a fine piece of very good programming with some unique feature i.e.  the newsletter.

Re: Elkarte underrated IMO

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Agreed in my search for a Forum, Elkarta and SMF was the 2 choices I had - and I need to get back to setting up an ElkArta forum on my website. Just have had other things to do. But surely a Gem that is missed out on. I had some ideas that might make it more popular but things takes time overall, everything does.

But yea, it is a very nice forum software - overlooked for sure. I guess people rather wanna stay with SMF because of the bigger activity on the forum - but agreed. elkarte is way overlooked, I only found out about it from the SMF forum and not from someone reviewing it.

At the moment I am making some music, like programming things, kinda... But I really want my own forum up and running so I can begin to start up things in it and put information on it.

Re: Elkarte underrated IMO

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Would agree that Elkarte is underrated. Would also point out that the article in the OP is somewhat out of date that it has screenshots from 2012 and 'updated in 2018' but... Zetaboards (their #1) no longer exists having been bought out by Tapatalk...

Re: Elkarte underrated IMO

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I can only agree :D

Marketing is not our strong point (thank you Cpt. Obvious) and with the relatively crowded area of forum/community software it can be difficult to make a splash.  But on the bright side, its a better developer to user ratio than most, even if @emanuele can be slow to respond.

Anyway thank you for the kind words !