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Quote Fail -v1.1.6

This is to document a "fix" to a quoting problem I discovered on my board.

The issue was trying  to quote an emailed reply to a posted message  - and the posted reply contained an  "&" character that was not escaped (should be "&") and goofed up the xml...

The quote function would stall forever with a "LOADING" banner..

Spuds chased it down.. and the fix is to locate the Xml.template.php file in the theme folder and locate
Code: [Select]

function template_quotefast()
global $context;

echo '<', '?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?', '>
<quote>', cleanXml($context['quote']['xml']), '</quote>

..and replace the "quote" line with:

Code: [Select]

        <quote><![CDATA[', cleanXml($context['quote']['xml']), ']]></quote>

That should take care of any  "non-escaped" characters that are posted to your forum from emails that cause subsequent quoting of that post to fail

I suspect Spuds will fold this into later releases..

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