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Notification Enhancements

In the last 2.0 refresh, several updates were made to Notifications. 

1) Standard notifications, such as Liked, Quoted, Mentioned, etc. Now have an option under Profile -> Notification Settings, to show notifications from:
  • - Everyone
  • - Everyone except those on your ignore list
  • - Buddies Only
This just gives members a little more control over what shows up under the Notifications button in the top menu. 
Note this setting does not stop likes or mentions, etc, but simply does not specifically show a "new" one received should you have On-Site notification enabled for a particular action.  So for example if you have on-site notification enabled for likes, you could limit that to just buddies (others can still like, you just don't get a specific new indicator under Notifications)

2) The notification areas that are under the Notifications button in the top menu now respect what you have enabled in your profile.  So if you don't have on-site notifications enabled for Quotes, then you will not see a quote button in that area for Unread.  If you select "Show All", the button it will show up since there is not way of knowing if you change your options over time etc.

3) You can now enable on-site mentions for New Posts in watched topics and New Topics in watched boards.  This setting is under the same area of Profile -> Notifications: For topics and boards I've subscribed to, notify me via:  On-site mention, but only for the first reply. 
Previously the only options was via email (instant, daily or weekly) and the only way to see them on-site was to navigate to your watched topic or board listing in your profile.

Hope I've made some sense in the above explanation :D
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