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Emoji Issues

Quote from: emanuele – YAY!
I can post, though... @Spuds there is no shrugging man emoji?
 emanuele feels so sad:sob:
HA! ... I want to refresh those at some point.  When I did those I chose the intersect set between the 3 emoji "packages" so they all worked.  They have had  (well some have) updates since then so there may be a few more available. 

Of course there is a good argument to drop the set selection and simply use the most complete one that is available.

Re: Emoji Issues

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First bug found!

"At" limits the passed array of items to 1000 ... we have more emoji than that.  The result is that some items, ~200, never appear in the selection list as they are truncated.

I was just going to hack in that fix, but then decided to fix the coffee scripts and setup the build environment.  A senseless distraction, but its done now on my local and works.

Now onto the changes made since I did the original commit, there are a few additions in the latest spec.   I will note that this specific issue is because when I did the compilation across the emoji sets , only the generic/base icons were selected as they were universally supported across those sets.  So although man_shrugging  was not in the list person_shrugging:person_shrugging:  is

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I've done a bit of work on the Emoji "stuff" and will get an updated posted this weekend.

When I first did the code, I used (3) sets of Emoji, Twitter, Noto (google) and emojitwo (now joy pixels) In doing that I did a simple set intersect, such that each set had the same list of icons to choose.  This of course reduced the number (~1300) as each set did not have all the same available icons in SVG form.   I think it was also based on emoji level 10, its now 14 and there is a 15.  The SVG and/or font sets tend to lag behind the spec.

I've now updated all the sets to level 14, I dropped emojitwo as its really behind and replaced that with openmoji.  Improved the set determination code, so instead of a simple intersect will now looks to see if the difference was simple naming difference due to a variation codepoint entry, and also opened up to the full range, where before it was only based on 4 digit fully qualified entries.

What the frig does all that mean ... it means now the set count is ~1800 so even moar to play with, including man_shrugging :tongue:

As with the previous code, the short names are based on "emoji alpha code", so for example, while the official CLDR Short Name for may be  face_with_tears_of_joy here you would just use joy with the :'s of course and get:joy:

Re: Emoji Issues

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:man_shrugging:And there you go:woman_shrugging:Or there you go:person_shrugging:Or maybe


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Nice work!:office_worker: 
sorry for my bad english