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Re: Quick moderation

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I can post, though... @Spuds there is no shrugging man emoji?
 emanuele feels so sad:sob:
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Re: Quick moderation

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Quote from: Spuds – Was that the behavior with the previous select box?
Quote from: emanuele – The old select box worked only for the current page as far as I remember.
As Emanuele said it is only for the current page.
When I start using the prefixes I had to apply prefixes to hundreds of old topics, with Elkarte behavior it will take some time, on a forum with this feature you can can select different topics switching pages, then apply a prefix for all selected topics. Anyway I "solved" that by showing 500 topics on a page. (only on my account).
Could be a nice and comfortable feature, but I guess it's not 2 lines of code to write. Mine was just a question, I am not asking to add this feature in the core ;)
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Re: Quick moderation

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That makes sense, thanks for explaining the use case.   I have to admit I've done similar things in the past!

I may add that to a todo list, possibly looking at sessionStorage or localStorage (think modern cookies) to save selections across pages.  It should work in place of server session data.