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Re: What is your stack?

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The main thing that needs to be done to play with ZFS is to get the RAID card into IT or Host (HBA) mode, so the ZFS system can see the drives,  and that will require flashing  a new BIOS onto your card to get it out of RAID only mode.   I've done this in the past with a Perc H200 and Perc H310, but its been several years now, so I don't remember all the details.

Many of the Dell Perc cards are rebranded LSI cards and there are flash files to convert them over (don't know about your H700) and there is a bootable USB kit you can download with all the utilities to do the flash.   I run ZFS with Ubuntu (lots of choices here) and really like ZFS for the per-dataset tuning that it offers, super fast replication and all all the other features it offers.

Indeed those servers need their own space, they can be noisy beasts, especially in full setup like what you have with redundant PS, dual core and redundant fans, etc.  But since its a real server, most of the parts that can fail are all hot plug, so no down time.  The Dell gen7, what you have, Dell started to concern themselves with noise levels and efficiency of datacenter resources (power, cooling), Gen 8/9 even more so. 

Anyway glad you are having fun!