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Re: [custom.css] Curved Elk

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How the menu doesn't work?
Menu looks good here as well, is there anything in particular that doesn't behave as expected for you?
Maybe a screenshot would help. ;)

Re: [custom.css] Curved Elk

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The menu at the top of the page (community, admin, messages) has lost its dropdown menus, like I said. Arrows are there but no dropdown appears.

Re: [custom.css] Curved Elk

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Could it be you enabled the "click-to-open"?
Because here on my localhost works fine... though I was able to test it only on a 1.0 version, not a 1.0.1... I have a bit of a messy setup.

Re: [custom.css] Curved Elk

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menues are broken, confirmed.. I'll update the file soon.

Edit: Attached a new version, see below.. :)