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[1.1.3] button title

When I move the mouse cursor over the like button on a post, a little text box with "like" appears. On other buttons (quote, reply, notify, etc) it does not.  ;)

Re: [1.1.3] button title

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Yeah a bit inconsistent there .....

The hover text that is displayed is what is in the title tag, currently only like has any title text.  Really the title text for like is/was intended to show the names of some of the members that liked that post, and when there is no likes you get the "like" text instead.  

I'd lean a bit towards removing the "like" bubble text when there are no like an only have the bubble show up with the names where there are likes.  Seems useless to have a bubble that says Like appear when you hover over a button that says Like .... 

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Re: [1.1.3] button title

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Good idea. Like!  :D

Re: [1.1.3] button title

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Useful if only images are used though. Meh... just remove it. A theme that intend to use images only should be able to add the tooltips on their own right?