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Token Verification Failed

HI, I just installed Elkarte and am trying to get it set up. As I am attempting to turn on specific core features, it won't allow it and give me a message at the top saying
"Token verification failed. Go back and try again."
No amount of going back helps.
I'm not sure what this is or how to get around it.

Thank you.

Re: Token Verification Failed

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Two quick questions

1) Is this a fresh install?  There was a bug in an old version which could cause that issue in core features
2) Which version are you trying 1.1.8 ?


Re: Token Verification Failed

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I just installed it yesterday and yes it is 1.1.8

Re: Token Verification Failed

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Log out, then log back in and see if that clears the issue.
On a side note, if using SimplePortal and try to move more than one block via drag and drop, you will also get that and will need to just refresh the page. This is something I found a while ago.