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Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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I just installed the latest from and it seems to work as expected (I didn't do any deep check, but the board index, list of topics and topics look). :)

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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Can you post URL to your site with this theme?

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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It's okay now, I chose to use the Lattice theme by Spuds instead.

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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That looked like a problem during the install of either wrong url "detected" or no css uploaded... odd.

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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Yes, I agree. Every other theme I installed worked perfectly.

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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 CrimeS Only spotted this topic now :)

It's very weird as I was never able to reproduce your issue.

Quote23 commits to master since this release

It would be a good idea to update the release. You could also check if the variant that you were using was Be Social! one.

Btw. the theme got updated to ElkArte 1.0.2 :)

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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Great! :D

Re: [Theme] SquareEra

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I figured it out! I had a file called SquareEra Master also installed. Once I deleted that and reinstalled the regular, it worked perfectly.