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(sorry if I am writing in the wrong place)

Hello! I took these from SMF. Are there similar ones to these on the Elkarte? Highslide BBCode and Image Viewer, Users Online Today, Activity Bar, Dynamic_Memberlist.
The most important thing for me is to have a normal image insertion mod (like highslide in smf) and a video insertion (I found this here, thanks!)

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ElkArte has a built in lightbox that provides much of the basic functionality one would want.  If more features are needed then there is a Fancybox addon here:

There is also built in video embed for a few of the sites, but if more are needed then you have to use one of the addons, there are a few out there.

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There is an add-on for that, even if it's old it's still working with Elkarte 1.1

I also used that on SMF, but now I use the default viewer included into Elkarte. Anyway, there is Fancybox if you need more features.

As far as I know there is nothing similar for Elkarte, but you may ask @Antechinus if he has any plans to release that mod for Elkarte.

Activity Bar
don't know that mod
sorry for my bad english

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I loved the activity bar. It is comment based, with a horizontal bar below the profile picture showing a percentage of how active a member is. I think it's a good motivator to get users to post. It's turned on on my site, I can show you if you want. Otherwise it's available here: