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Dell R710 Nested Proxmox Setup Started by ahrasis · · Read 4799 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Dell R710 Nested Proxmox Setup

Hi all, again,

I have been running this Dell R710 for months and so far the test was good. I already upgraded its ram to 288gb (16gb x 18 slots)[1]and install 1TB SSD Kingston KC600 replacing its CD/DVD drive.

However, I find that running Proxmox directly may not be that wise, so I recently self-learned about nested hypervisor virtualization as proxmox also offer the same capability. I already managed to pass host this VMPVE but when I do so, I got no internet connection so currently I am in need to figure out the best way to do so.

Not to mention I added another 4 ports NIC PCIE to this R710 which I already have integrated 4 ports NIC that I also need to pass to this VMPVE.

Anybody who have some ideas, knowledge, experience, links etc please do share with me so I can study this setup further and implement the best of them.

Thanking you in advance.
Actually when I did this I don't know the affect of using all slots which is reducing RAM speed to only 800Mhz and I don't know that this R710 can actually run 384gb RAM at 1333Mhz by using only two slots per channel per side (32gb x 12 slots). I feel like I wasted my monies for lesser speed where I can get a lot more RAM with higher overall speed.

Re: Dell R710 Nested Proxmox Setup

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Sorry, no experience in that area but sounds like a fun project.

Bummer on the ram speed !!


Re: Dell R710 Nested Proxmox Setup

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No worries. At least if one get a hand on the similar server, one will know how to max its ram properly.

I managed to fix the internet connection to VMPVE. It was not resolving properly so fixing resolv.conf seemes to do the trick. Now all vm inside the VMPVE works.

I set the server to use the 1TB SSD with proxmox as main PVE and created the VMPVE in the 1.7TB SAS (raid 6).

I am currently thinking to keep some ISO images and snapshot backups in the SSD while having another copies in the SAS.

I may also run a backup node inside the same, maybe VMPVE2 which will replicate VMPVE1.

But doing so in the same raid6 may not be wise, so I may have to restructure again at the server level and split the raid 6 into two 800gb instead.

I am still thinking about it while keeping notes to what I have done so far for future references.

I will update later.