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[Wedge 1.0] Importer Started by TE · · Read 22712 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

[Wedge 1.0] Importer

The attached version should import a wedge forum to ElkArte.. It's still based on an outdated version of OpenImporter but it should work  :-[

Importing settings... ✔
Importing members... ✔
Importing attachments... ✔
Importing avatars... ✔
Importing categories... ✔
Importing collapsed categories... ✔
Importing boards... ✔
Importing topics... ✔
Importing messages... ✔
Importing polls... ✔
Importing poll choices... ✔
Importing poll votes... ✔
Importing personal messages... ✔
Importing pm recipients... ✔
Importing pm rules... ✔
Importing board moderators... ✔
Importing mark read data (topics)... ✔
Importing mark read data... ✔
Importing notifications... ✔
Importing membergroups... ✔
Importing group moderators... ✔
Importing permission profiles... ✔
Importing permissions... ✔
Importing board permissions... ✔
Importing smileys... ✔
Copying smileys... ✔
Importing statistics (activity log)... ✔
Importing logged actions... ✔
Importing reported posts... ✔
Importing reported comments... ✔
Importing spider hits... ✔
Importing spider stats... ✔
Importing subscriptions... ✔
Recalculating statistics... ✔

Note: I'n not sure with the ip adress import for the messages, the format seems somewhat different compared to ElkArte's ipv6 implemantation.

Good Luck and hopefully Welcome to ElkArte  :D
Thorsten "TE" Eurich

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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Great! Thanks!  :)

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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Thank you!

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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We currently using wedge on the We want use elkarte :)
Our forum runnig on the my linux server. I read a lot of tihgns about importer and composer also  I am confused.
Dou you help me using the importer?

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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Hello and welcome to elkarte!
You don't need composer to migrate from wedge or other software to elkarte. 

To migrate from wedge to elkarte:
  • do a full backup of your files and database. The importer should not overwrite your files or your database but it's always better to have a backup
  • download a copy of elkarte from here and install it in a new folder of your webiste (let's say You can use a new database, or you can install it into the same database of wedge, but use a different prefix than your wedge installation.
  • once you have an elkarte forum installed download the importer from this topic and unzip the content to a folder, let's say
  • point your web browser to and fill the requested information, than start the importer
  • enjoy elkarte! :)

take into consideration that Wedge has an internal gallery, for now there is no gallery available for elkarte.
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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What he said ^^

Also the version of Open Importer (OI) here should have the latest updates and importers as well, I'd suggest starting with that version.

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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Thank you for your quick reply
@radu81  I tried your recommend. It is worked and I take some error about MYSQL.
What should I do?
Code: [Select]
Sorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of your forum cannot access the installation of %1. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the MySQL account used does not have permissions to access it.

The error MySQL gave was: 'SELECT command denied to user 'elkarte'@'localhost' for table 'wedge_members'

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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You need to add the database user 'elkarte' to the 'wedge' database with all privellages. It currently has none.

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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'Elkarte' user already in in database. but in the Wedge, it is in the Elkarte .

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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What control panel do you have on your web host?

The login details for the elkarte user are correct but it doesn't have the permissions on the database.

Code: [Select]
The error MySQL gave was: 'SELECT command denied to user 'elkarte'@'localhost' for table 'wedge_members'

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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I give root permission to 'elkarte' user and problem solved.
Importe work and finished mission but  it not imported all of them.
web site is now not accessible.

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Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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Importing spider hits you can ignore this, it's not important
Check on your elkarte forum if everything else was imported correctly: topics, posts, users, avatars, PM, attachments, permissions, etc

Check your log errors
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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You're welcome!

your avatars are not visible, check the avatar path in Admin > Forum > Attachments and avatars > Settings for avatars

or run repair settings, see here
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Wedge 1.0] Importer

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I have error
Code: [Select]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function database() in /xxxxxx/repair_settings.php on line 122