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German language files (informal) for 1.1.9 Started by Ruth · · Read 41140 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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QuoteBecause "X" will allow a permission set elsewhere to determine the board permission for the "X'd" member group in the board, "disallow" is incorrect.

No, it is not incorrect, Steeley. Because in a board A, X and D are only for the possible (or not possible) access to this certain board for the member groups. This settings are not done somewhere else, you need to do them in each board on your forum.

It has nothing to do with the other permissions a member group will have in this board. This permission settings for member groups (like "allowed to start new topics") are done in the various profiles, you can create and select for your boards. But in the boards permission profiles you can also decide about A, X and D, if you have enabled "deny".

If you don't enable "deny", not in the boards and not for permissions, the settings are a lot easier to do. And like I said: "deny" will hardly ever really be needed.
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Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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If you don't mind: Can you please split this topic? :smiley:

Maybe at "Reply #58"?

There we started to discuss about permissions and other stuff, which has not really to do with translations.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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My last post in this thread will be a question:

Given "Allow,  "ignore", and "deny" as choices, what does "unless otherwise granted" mean in  " Ignore, on the other hand, denies unless otherwise granted"?

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Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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You ask me, Steeley?

It means nothing. It is simply nonsense.

The words "permission" and "ignore" in this language string on line 90 for manage boards are mistakes.
Someone  did not pay attention there....maybe 15 years ago....or longer.
And maybe noone realized it, because this feature was hardly ever used.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I haven't explored the nuances of allowing member groups (or certain members of a group) the option of setting their own permissions for board access (this is a member group permission option), but if it means what I think it does, then the forum admin selecting X in a board access permission for that group would allow that member group to allow (or deny) access to a particular board themselves (their own separate way??), and the Admin selecting "X" defers the decision to access that board  (or not.) to such a group that is allowed to make it's own decisions.

I believe this could be used to literally set up a "forum structure" within a forum (call it a sub forum), allowing the moderator(?) (subforum "admin") of that "subforum" to decide whether to allow or deny access to certain boards (the forum admin creates) for the member group. I can think of a couple of other possibilities as well (especially if you are adept at php, which I am not).  But, unless that code (or hooks) have been removed, then no, it is not "nonsense" - It means exactly what the description says, and the best "English" word for that  I can think of for that description of [X] is "defer".

But, let's climb out of this rabbit hole and get back to original intent..  I'm not really trying to argue what the permissions do (I'm probably the last person to ask if you want to know the exact permission flow chart as it exists in the code), I'm only addressing your issue with the word "ignore" as it pertains to how "X" is defined , and I agree  with you that "ignore" is not the best choice, as the description fits the English word "defer" much better.
If that permission option is not functional or meaningful as it is described (legacy SMS??), then it seems to me that X and Deny are exactly the same, the description text describing the meaning of "Ignore" should be deleted and X as an option can probably just be removed, not just "ignore" one or the other (Oh my!!)  That's a whole different kettle of fish...and yes, it should really not be explored in a language translation topic, but a different board.
 I was just trying to help with definition and translation of the existing English words themselves.

Now I'm done...    carry on!
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Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I have still not finished this :angry: help file. 700 lines of pain....this is, what this file is.

There are some strings twice in one file, which means, editing the second one won't work. Only the text of the first string is displayed. Other strings in the files might have a duplicat in other files now and/or I cannot find them. :rolleyes: This is very time consuming.

One example:

The max. height and max. width of images can be set on two different sections in the admin center, in the settings for the posts and in the settings for attachments. So this 2 help strings on line 318 and 319 appear twice on forum as well:
Code: [Select]
$helptxt['max_image_height'] = 'The maximum displayed height of an attached image.';
$helptxt['max_image_width'] = 'The maximum displayed width of an attached image.';

The string for the max. width has a duplicat on line 294 in the english help file. I removed this one in the german help file.

I will need to stop soon with this translations. I am doing this since 2 months now, almost all day and night.  This week I will try to complete at least the help file and the admin file and then check the 3 portal files.
After this I really should start with working on my themes - I did nothing yet on them. :rolleyes:

In this topic here (on page 1) I uploaded 27 german language files so far, which needed editing and/or new translations. Almost all of them I deleted and uploaded again a lot of times during the last weeks... some of them yesterday and before again.

Always I find some more mistakes again, some texts are completly wrong (enable and disable was mixed up during translation once), some parts are just halfway translated, different german terms are used for the same thing, bad grammar, sometimes a terrible mixture of formal and informal german, and missing or not completly displayed strings. Some of them had been once translated with a machine for sure. This means, there is not just the "formating" missing, they also won't work at all or will cause errors. It seems to me, that a lot of this help strings have never been really controlled by the translators, some of this strings are pretty old - and only new and actuell strings had been translated, the older german ones had been just copied for years. No matter, if the english strings tell something different now, because things work different....

I had the feeling that this translation now is getting more and more .....not less.  :huh:  Right now I noticed, that there are two more files, which will need work on them.

One of them I will do now, the other one I will leave to someone else  :tongue:  or maybe do it later one day, but not now: It is Reports.german.php. The english and the german file contain the same amount of strings on 136 lines, but they seem not to be complete. I think, that there are a lot of strings missing in the english file as well. But I did not really controll it before. Maybe it is not this much missing and not this much of work and just a few strings there, which are not translated yet.

I have some questions:

I noticed a lot of "tooltips" before, when hovering the permissions of a member in the members profile. Each permission has one. They are all in english. Where are they and is it necessary/possible to translate them? (I don't think so)
tooltip permissions profile.jpg

This tooltip should be translated, it tells "Close" and is used for example in the like stats and for help popups. But I cannot find it. There is a "close" in the german editor file, but this does not work here. Should there be a second one with "Close"?
Tooltip close.jpg

This string in the profile file on line 62 seems "cut off" to me. Should it not tell something about the correct size of an avatar? I tried it with uploading a very big image as an avatar. I got a proper displayed error message, but without anything about the correct/allowed size or KB.
Code: [Select]
$txt['avatar_too_big'] = 'Avatar image is too big, please resize it and try again (max';

There is a tiny mistake in the german profiles, in the account settings there....where you need to repeat the password, I mean this "Verify Password". This is spelled wrong in german. This little mistake annoys me since 17 years, but I could never find the string. Every german string I found in the files about "Verify Password" is spelled correct.  Maybe this mistake is deep somewhere in the h.e.l.l. of SMF? Where does this string comes from?

Not really important, but i would like to change this, if possible: We don't are "Germans" in our language and we don't talk "German", we talk "Deutsch" (or and also our members which are from Austria or Swizzerland talk "Deutsch". Is it possible to display the word for the selected language in the profiles in its own language? I think, it would be nicer....  :smiley:  Same for french, italian or any other language of course.

Who thought once, :evil:  that it would be a great idea to write this help string on line 400 with such a code in it? This alternating DOES : DOES NOT in the middle of a sentence - in combination with a function - is almost impossible to translate into another language which has a complete different grammar and sentence construction.
Code: [Select]
Your server ' . (function_exists('pspell_new') ? 'DOES' : 'DOES NOT') . ' appear to have this set up.';
I finally found a solution, how to translate this little sentence with correct german grammar and complete without syntax error....but it took me hours.  :zany_face: Honestly, this was really annoying. Such a difficult code, only for telling me again in my case: Your server DOES NOT appear to have this set up. I already saw this before here in red: This does not work on your server. No need at all to tell it again with such a sentence in the help popup.

If one knows this guy, who did this once....please tell me his name and give me his phone number. :evil: I would like to talk to him. Lol.
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Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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I'll try to answer a couple of these ....

1/ tooltips ... very often hardcoded in the templates.  Needs to be fixed, maybe 2.0, but its an inherited mess.
2/ hardcoded JavaScript.  Maybe fix in 2.0.  Basically we need to create a js var that gets set with the value and then use the value in the script.  The tooltip for most is not seen, its really there for screen readers.
3/ no idea really, not sure that is even used anywhere.  Looks ancient, like before sprintf calls were being used.
4/ that should be $txt['verify_pass'] = 'Verify password'; in index.German.php.  I changed that in my English file and it seemed to work.
5/ probably not :P sorry!
6/ Spuds is innocent (maybe, not sure LOL) ... but to further annoy you, that spell function was removed in 2.0  :zipper_mouth:  due to browser spell checking being better and pspell support for other than English was a bit spotty.

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Thank you very much, Spuds.

to 6:
Good, that this string for the spell stuff will be removed in a pain to translate.

to 4:
This string in index.German.php on line 166 is spelled correct:

Code: [Select]
$txt['verify_pass'] = 'Passwort wiederholen';

Also all other files I checked are spelling "Verfiy password" correct in german.
But it is displayed incorrect in the profiles

Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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Quote from: Ruth – Also all other files I checked are spelling "Verfiy password" correct in german.
But it is displayed incorrect in the profiles
That is very odd ... I'll do some more digging


Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9

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It is not  really important, Spuds...
I don't want you to spend a lot of time on this.

It is just a tiny mistake in german. And I think, noone does really notice it....
...except me. :wink: