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Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Is this version available now?

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Not really.  All of the code is available in the Github repo, but I don't think the install is working. 

I have fixed several issues, including install problems, but have not pushed the updates to the repo (yet).  Unfortunately 1.1.9 has been sucking the life out of me.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Quote from: Spuds – Unfortunately 1.1.9 has been sucking the life out of me
I can tell you that the latest released patch runs fine. Even with php 8.2.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Awesome to hear ... Honestly every time I think 1.1.9 is done and I package it up, do some patch/install tests/etc, another little issue shows up  :zany_face:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Just packed it up already and leave the fixes via forum post which will be compiled later in 1.1.10, if any. For now, focus on 2.0 is better.

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Just did a site update to the latest 2.0 code.

Honestly don't remember exactly everything that changed as these were updates and fixes that were in flight as I was trying to get 1.1.9 out the door.  In any case there were a bunch of bug fixes that I did over the last few months as well as 1.1.9 fixes that were also needed in 2.0.

As always clear that cache.  Next update I'll try to remember to add the cache stale string so everyone does not have to manually flush the cache.

So lets see what we broke this time  :tongue:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Did another small bump of the site files ....

Fix for likes not working on button click
Fix for Quote on collapsed QR not working
PM from was missing when in conversation view
Various theme tweaks
Unapproved attachments fixes
Edit all option in board profiles was broken
Lot of formatting / psr / cleanup / docblock  stuff
Replace jSqueeze with JavaScriptMinifier for better support and speed
Add fast CSS compression with a whitespace/comment stripper
Update chart.js to latest, fix stats layout, fix stats errors for removed members
Many other minor fixes

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Well its been some time since I did a site refresh, but its now done.   This is the latest 2.0 code.

Behind the scenes alot has changed in the code, so you may not see as many new shiny features, but there are a few. Obviously all of the standard things of bug fixes, moving to much more recent PHP version requirements (meaning the current code will not run well on 7.4), many theme tweaks, etc

  • Package manager consolidation ... upload/download/servers are now a single tab, easy to understand
  • Removed multiple package servers option, its now just the addon site.
  • Better file organization/grouping of common action controllers (wip)
  • More php8 function use where it made the code cleaner, not just for the heck of it
  • Lots 'o' bug fixes
  • Cleanup of theme.php controller so the file that you (optionally) may in a custom theme can be lite weight
  • Refactoring of a more old hideous procedural functions.  It must have been a competition at some point of who could write the most convoluted long function with nth level nested ternary functions.
  • Editor update from v2 to v3 (although our v2 was a custom build with most of the v3 fixes pulled in) plus updates to the plugins
  • Change the editor icons from 1980 chiclets to a more standard toolbar look
  • Removal of plain text box quick reply, now only full editor HA take that !
  • Fix like stats
  • Improved JS minimizer and overall css/js theme actions
  • Various theme updates all over the place, most minor, to improve harmony/consistency
  • Did I mention lots 'o' bug fixes? (yes there are still some to fix!)

Well report what is not working now, is still not working now, or is newly not working now :tongue:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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 Already switched to php 8.1  :smiley:  :thumbsup:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Good move .... I've been very happy with the 8.x line  :grin:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Did another refresh today .....

Standard set of bug fixes, and a lot of file rearrangement (continued WIP) so things are better grouped and namespaced. 

Also added a Giphy feature to the post editor, so go enjoy that :D

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Another update.  This one has a rather major change to the sites JS as I moved a lot of JQuery back to Vanilla JS.  There is still some specific JQ functions, but a lot of "random" JQ was removed and several JQ functions were converted.  Lots of other JS updates as noted below.

Next was the adding of Chunked Attachment Uploads  :partying_face: Now uploaded attachments are cut into chunks, sent, re-combined on the server, and then processed as if it was sent as one large file.  This also has retries on the chunks should a network glitch occur and allows multiple sends to be occurring which could improve speed.

Features Add/Improved

  • Chunked attachment uploading has been added.  This simplifies the "upload_max_filesize" as each chunk will be small enough to pass the limit.  The chunks are then re-combined on the server to the original file, then fully checked and transformed.  This ended up being more effort than I anticipated!
  • Update microdata to include view and like counts to 'interactionStatistic'
  • Add turnstile captcha to validators

Things Removed

  • Removed Sendtopic (email topic to someone).  This was planed to become a "share" with XYZ but its really not a good place for that either.  This was almost removed in 1.0 and then in 1.1 but now ... gone!
  • Removed javascript sha256 hashing to the login password.  This was an option that was useful when you were on a HTTP connection.  Originally is was sha1 but was updated to sha256, like a decade ago.  Now with HTTPS and browser warnings, its of no use (and TBH was at best an annoyance to someone snooping on a HTTP line)

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix quote toggle to/from wizzy in the editor
  • Fix front page options not working due to namespace and filename changes
  • Removed as much jquery code from the editor plugins as possible
  • Moved from JQuery $.ajax to fetch API everywhere
  • Added scripts/editor and scripts/ext directories to better organize the scripts folder
  • Moved several misplaced profile/admin/topic functions to their correct js files
  • Pull some feature only JS to thier own files instead of being in the core, helps lighten the core files.
  • Removed any depreciated/un-used functions
  • Converted several self starting functions to event based and place triggers in correct source/template files
  • Update the scripts to use more es6 where it makes things cleaner
  • Converted a lot of JQuery back to vanilla JS.  Some functions are still pure JQ but many were able to be done with plain JS

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Can we have multicolor option in 2.0? Or had I asked this before. Prefer not to install other theme, just default with this option. :cheesy:

Re: EARLY Beta version of 2.0

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Do you mean a dark mode toggle or some additional color variants of this theme?