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How to disable user post flood control

I want to disable user posting flood control, if only for select user groups. I see a regular user who has been with us for over a decade complaining on IRC about being limited to one post or post edit per 60 seconds, and that timer seems to reset itself every time they attempt to submit a change, so they have to be patient and wait it out completely, or else start over. I thought maybe they were hitting a feature of some other Vbulletin forum, but instead, I see users of SMF complaining about this as well, so I guess it really is a feature of ElkArte, even if I can't find the setting anywhere.

Re: How to disable user post flood control

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If I'm understanding correctly, check the settings in ACP > Forum > Post Settings. You can configure the time between posts from an IP addy. 

Re: How to disable user post flood control

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What he said :D

If you need further refinements, the function you are looking for is called spamProtection ... I *think* its in the security.php file.  There is a hook in there as well so you could write a simple addon to tweak its settings, maybe based off the members number of post or join date.
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Re: How to disable user post flood control

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I reduced it, the reduction should be more friendly to existing users, and should be less likely to trigger. We almost never have any spammers manage to flood the forums, usually single accounts only bother to post once or twice, if at all. Stop Forum Spam is mostly doing its job.