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Black style themes

Looking for Black style themes - I've just downloaded every single theme on the download page and going to test them out, one by one.
Anyone have any black themes running for this ElkArte? :)

Dearly Regards
- Darkijah

Re: Black style themes

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I have one, but not released as a theme yet. Same deal as the one I made for it's currently running in a browser add-on. I've been busy with other things, so haven't had the time to turn them into installable themes.
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Re: Black style themes

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I have one, but not released as a theme yet. Same deal as the one I made for it's currently running in a browser add-on. I've been busy with other things, so haven't had the time to turn them into installable themes.

VERY much looking forward for the release ;) If I recall it was pretty awesome that Black overlay you made, having mobility with it here would be absolut wonderful. At least it would be one of those hanging on the top of choices for now. In any case, I'm thinking of trying out some coding at some point, and maybe just use the default theme with the bar on top and try out if I can do some PHP And CSS, although I think I need to view some video's as well on those things to learn. But I think I'm getting an idea. Time will tell, always have a lot of ideas, the problem is to do them and put them into practice.

So 2 versions, one for SMF and one for ElkArta yet the same style - hmm, you have the addon file for ElkArte around? :) I'll see if I can get it to work at some point if so.

Would be nice to see them both in a Theme for sure at some point. Black or Grey background is nice and pleasent ;) And it fits my main website.

Thanks for everything!

Re: Black style themes

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Yeah sure. If you want to mess with it I've attached the current state of the CSS over in this topic:

Awesome m8! :D Thanks very much, I've nearly tested... well, I guess there are still some way of all the themes in SMF and been deleting and so forth. Well I guess there are still a good amount but it moving forward.
I wanna take a look on your wonderful theme or overlay at the moment afterwards on both systems. ;)

Thanks so much. I'm getting more and more used to both platforms day by day but still some way to go.

Re: Black style themes

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@Antechinus Okay... so far so good - lets see if I can get your dark theme working on my installation.
Then I would have 3 pretty good themes, I think for ElkArte.

Personally I love the way Social is made up with the bar at top - it just needs some different colors. Well a makeover I guess of colors. And some fixues with the buttons that moves slightly needs to be leveled so they are in line. But overall... It is very userfriendly to have the bar going with you I really like that!

Think think think... okay to do it... Lets try to get it working with that browser app first and lay it over so I can figure out what theme it is. It looked like the standard, ehhhh, I guess I need to make another copy of that theme and then a custom CSS to then get it to work.

Something worked it seems, picture included. 1 point for the newb! :D

Maybe a little to dark some places, but overall nice to see some black for sure. Reminds me of coffee... Anyway, so far so good. Okay lets see, how do I get it working on my site.... Wait need to try it on the social theme as well, although don't think it was made for that. BRB.
Yea, it breaks the social - but half half working :P Heh, anyway, great so I guess I need to make a custom file for the other theme and see if I can get it working. New things are always hard, and then you tend to forget things as well, it does not make it easy you know when you have lots of balls in the air.

Re: Black style themes

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Might have an issue here @Antechinus - picture on the boxes to the right.

Re: Black style themes

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Had some issues here and there, but... Well, got some of it working although in the wrong theme.
Apparently there is something in the beginning it does not like when you're doing custom. I'll narrow it down.

Did some trying out with the custom social stars thing, orange, only around 100 lines so it is to overcome somewhat. Very nice, so I can edit files in the custom thing and make the colors I want and such. Going to take some time I'm sure but I'm on the right way here.

Re: Black style themes

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@Antechinus You had a missing } in the file that made it break when using custom. I've fixed it and now it works:

Code: [Select]
@-moz-document domain("") {
    a,a:link,a:visited,a.new_win:link,a.new_win:visited,.lastpost_link>a,.recentpost>strong>a,.inline>strong>a,.keyinfo h5 a,.keyinfo h5 a strong,.lastpost_link>a,.recentpost>strong>a,sup.bbc_footnotes,sup.bbc_footnotes a{color:#a89073}
    .bbc_link:link,.bbc_link:visited{color:#a89073;text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-color:#463c31;box-shadow:none}.bbc_link:hover,.bbc_link:focus{text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-color:#85735d;box-shadow:none}.quickbuttons .linklevel1{color:#e9c98c}.quote_button::before{filter:invert(.9)}
    .buttonlist li a.linklevel1{text-transform:uppercase;box-shadow:none}#ajax_in_progress{background:#14171b;color:#a89073;border-bottom:1px solid #242a30;box-shadow:0 2px 4px #000}#ajax_in_progress img{float:right;margin:0 1em}::-moz-selection{background:#374450;color:#d9d9d9}::selection{background:#374450;color:#d9d9d9}
    #editor_toolbar_container{width:100%;border:0}#postAdditionalOptions,#postAdditionalOptionsNC,#postDraftOptions,.sceditor-container textarea,textarea{background:#101316;color:#9c978c;border:1px solid #293037}
    #postAttachment,#postAttachment2,#postDraftOptions .settings dd,#postDraftOptions .settings dt,#postMoreOptions{border-top:0}.drop_area{background-color:#0003;color:#9c978c;border:solid 1px #333}.sceditor-container{position:relative;background:#14171b;border:1px solid #000;border-top:0;border-radius:0 0 4px 4px}
} <------ that last one was missing!

Image of me running custom from my website :)