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RSS page cannot be found

Hello people!

After a recent attack where something or someone deleted the elkarte folder, I managed to reupload the forum, but something's still wrong: if I click on the RSS feed icon in the bottom right, it tells me that the page cannot be found. Maybe I forgot to upload something. Can you tell me which path Elkarte goes when looking for the feed? Thank you.

Re: RSS page cannot be found

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Up. Error 404. I can't reupload the entire backup, so can you please tell me which folders are the most associated with the feed? Thanks.

Re: RSS page cannot be found

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Make sure you have RSS feeds enabled in the ACP, normally you would not see the button if they are not enabled but sometimes custom themes show it anyway.

After that, new feeds are XML formatted as RSS,  Atom or RDF depending on what you request.

The request is dispatched to News.controller.php in your controllers directory, and that uses the Xml.template.php in your themes directory, most likely themes/default as I don't recall ever seeing a custom theme modify that template.  A 404 error should show in your server access log as well and should show what was requested and not found/denied.
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