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Thanks Ahrasis ... I would go also with "hide/unhide posts by number of dislikes" that should be done aditionaly, on top of that there should be thumb in every thread as "show all posts/hide disliked posts" by default hiden as rule those posts with 10% dislikes from the participants in the particular thread ... also maybe is better to have rule that members can dislike posts after certain amount of time eg. 3 or 5 days so there would be avoided some popular rush by certain first hand impression ...

I know this would be big script, but when it comes to democracy, I believe that with such flexible moderation system things will look way better, sure there should be also margin that only members with 100 posts can have such privilage, tho anyone should also be able to like/dislike posts, and also that stats to be public so members could easily aligh themselves with other with simmilar opinions, maybe making group or fraction on some issues ...

... ah idealism ... I'll start probably with direct moderation, altho painfull process, as for the moderators so as for the members ... and maybe my friends could do some script or plugin for such mod, but when it comes to political debate I am not trusting to no one, except the first forum package and addons ... until things roll out in more optimistic way i.e. official party ... this forum in a way is most suitable place for political platform building but how that to be managed and no one to be unsatisfied among the members, especially if there is large group, its little bit tricky ...

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If you want my opinion keep reading, otherwise stop here. :P

If you are looking to keep satisfied minorities, then the "self-moderation" is the worst solution ever.
If you "plan" to have multiple political parties, the "self-moderation" is even less a good solution.
Because the moment one group sees a post from another (or a minority) that doesn't satisfy their own view, they will coordinate to "kill" the post by downvotes. As a reaction the other parties will either coordinate to kill the first (if big enough) leading to flame war or the simply lose trust in the forum and abandon it.
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wait a sec. I wont to use this as moderation tool for senior members not groups or noobies ... and if there are frantic fractions among them its better to know this in this way than chasing white rabbits around, and normally if such behavior is dangerous on some topics it would be blocked for certain topics ... democracy is evolving matter but if is applied only by elite moderation it becomes plutocracy, in this manner by the master of ceremony of any political e-forum ...

... for sure takes time members to obtain some good practices, but building them through shared resposibilities is way faster than usual ... simply my own expirience with the e-forum platforms was always altered to chatting room as place where one can have enough flexibility without loosing his creativity ... as I said earlier at least I want to give a try, even tho ur arguments are quite ok, only thing that matters in the end is good debate unstrained from any extra hard talking rules, while in same time keeping the board clean as possible altho it was stuffed with too many disractions or digressions ... cant imagin to educate older people where or how they should post or even worst to delete their posts ... better to have mercy tool than sacrifacing stacks of comments in the bin coz someone had maybe bad day or lazy month ... Please if U could help I'll appreciated this a lot ... Thanks

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they will coordinate to "kill" the post by downvotes. As a reaction the other parties will either coordinate to kill the first (if big enough) leading to flame war or the simply lose trust in the forum and abandon it.
Will they really coordinate? I think it's more that when they see it they dislike it, which might very well happen en masse organically. It might feel like a coordinated effort to the person being downvoted. Which is not something I think is necessarily a terribly good idea, mind you. :)

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Frenzie in the post #11 there is reddit link that expains how could be avoided such behavior ... simply if they were using this for long and dont complain, then why I cant try ... this leaves me to few choices either to find developer that will code such dislike system, or maybe finding the reddit strings for such rule ...

here is something, could this be inserted in ElkArte

Re: Custom Likes

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one way of regulating things Frenzie is adressing, is to have some dislike rule like: Don't dislike unless entry is trolling, spam, abusive, xenophobic ... other is to show the count for dislikes ... and finnaly only senior members should have the oportunity to dislike ... yes member-moderation could aply censorship, but if there is option also at the beginning of the topic to show all posts or/and hide disliked, I believe it wouldt matter, as voting is just option to hide unnecasary posts when it comes to guests, but also clean debate for members too, tho with room for any kind of digression ...


maybe these links will be at hand too

also there are already similar mods on phpBB but can they stick to SMF too

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Hi there!

Is there any way to enable that locked threads can be liked by users as well? I am using Elkarte 1.0.10. Thanks in advance!


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open sources/controllers/Likes.controller.php

line 107 should say
Code: (find) [Select]
			if ($liked_message && empty($liked_message['locked']))

change that to

Code: (replace) [Select]
			if ($liked_message)

that should allow liking of topics even if they are locked

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Unfortunately, there seem to be some other factor that prevents one to like a locked thread. I have emptied the cache and refreshed, trying to find the like button on several locked threads, but they are not there. Could there be an additional controller to update?

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Indeed ... we need to show the button, that last change only allows it to work.  So in addition to the above, you will need to edit your Dispaly.controller.php which is also in sources/controllers.

In that
Code: (find) [Select]
		$message['use_likes'] = allowedTo('like_posts') && empty($context['is_locked']) && ($message['id_member'] != $user_info['id'] || !empty($modSettings['likeAllowSelf'])) && (empty($modSettings['likeMinPosts']) ? true : $modSettings['likeMinPosts'] <= $user_info['posts']);

Code: (replace) [Select]
		$message['use_likes'] = allowedTo('like_posts') && ($message['id_member'] != $user_info['id'] || !empty($modSettings['likeAllowSelf'])) && (empty($modSettings['likeMinPosts']) ? true : $modSettings['likeMinPosts'] <= $user_info['posts']);

That should allow the button to show up.
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Re: Custom Likes

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Awesome! Works like a charm, thank you!!