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Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Now I've got an error in log, just started the other day, it seems:

Type of error: Undefined
Notice: Undefined variable: javascript
File: sources/subs/Portal.subs.php
Line: 266

Lines 264-269:

Code: [Select]
	if ($modSettings['sp_resize_images'])
$javascript .= '
window.addEventListener("load", sp_image_resize, false);';

ElkArte 1.1.9 - SimplePortal 1.0.0

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I've done some modding of files, so would have to manually update some files.

QuoteNOTE: Install this PRIOR to installing ElkArte 1.1.9 to avoid a hacking attempt message due to 1.1.9 increased security requirements.

I'm already running 1.1.9

Disabling "Resizes images on portal" stops the errors, though.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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TBH I don't know what to suggest, I just updated today to Elk 1.1.9 and then updated SP to 1.0.1. I had no problems. If it's a testing site you can do it, otherwise wait for a better solution from Spuds.
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Quote from: Burke_Knight – Now I've got an error in log, just started the other day, it seems:
That was fixed in a later version.  You can find the section several lines above that that reads (or should)
Code: [Select]
	// Load up some javascript!
loadJavascriptFile('portal.js', ['stale' => SPORTAL_STALE]);
and add after that $javascript = ''; so it will look like
Code: [Select]
	// Load up some javascript!
loadJavascriptFile('portal.js', ['stale' => SPORTAL_STALE]);
$javascript = '';
That will fix that error and a couple of others, depending on what options are on.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Thank you, @Spuds
I found what caused the errors in the first place.
I disabled (by commenting out) the drag and drop feature for the blocks, and the $javascript = ''; part was inside there, so I didn't think to leave it out of the commenting out of the drag and drop.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Cool ... In 1.0.1 I had moved it out of that block, to its own line, to avoid just that issue :D

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Now I'm getting this error, and inability to get into most settings in admin panel:

Burke Knight
Today at 03:29:21 PM
Type of error: General
Warning: Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined
File: /sources/subs/Portal.subs.php
Line: 61

When even try to get to Current Theme settings:
An Error Has Occurred
Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I did change that line in version 1.0.2 (to be released soon) .... I guess you are running 1.0.1?

Change line 61 and 62 to be
Code: [Select]
	defined('SPORTAL_VERSION') || define('SPORTAL_VERSION', '1.0.1');
defined('SPORTAL_STALE') || define('SPORTAL_STALE', 'sp101');

And see if that clears up the error

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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v1.0.2 main purpose is to fix a problem working under mysql 8.0.2+ and to fix an issue with the previous (<1.0.0) style => style profiles import.  Other than that just a few tweaks.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I suppose the mistake was using softliciaous to install

Fatal error: Uncaught Elk_Exception: Hacking attempt...  on line 404

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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In the newest portal version sorting and editing blocks is not always working.
There are errors in sources/subs/PortalAdmin.subs.php

I needed to delete some portalblocks and to create them again, because they did no more react after moving or editing them once. New blocks are first all on the bottom, after this they can be moved by drag & drop....but i tried not all of them. Some blocks are still in the wrong order now.

And in the styling profiles the option "no titel, no body" is not working. No content of the block to see.
I solved this problem with a transparent roundframe.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I am still not done with the portal....but I need to say, that I am very pleased with it.  :smiley:  Great job, Spuds!

It means some work first to do all the settings for the "profiles" for styling, permissions and visibility. But when done once, it will be very easy and fast to handle the portal and to create new blocks or to edit them...specially if more than one theme is used on forum. This with the "profiles" is a very smart and comfortable solution...I like it a lot. :smiley:

I have some questions:

This block "Theme Selection" displays each theme, which was installed once on forum. Members see them all. It would be a lot better and less confusing, if they could only see this 2 or 3 themes, they are allowed to select at the moment. Can this be changed?

For some reason (maybe caused by my changings in portal css) my "articles" in portal look all the same, they have the same styling. In the preview I see other backgrounds, I could select. But after saving the articles, they all will have the same background.

Another thing are the two "reply buttons" there. One tells "reply", the other one tells "write a comment". Both do the same, there will be a new comment then. Why are there two buttons?

Using various backgrounds and roundframes in portal blocks is working fine. But I was not able yet to create another header for portal blocks. My tries had very funny results so far. Lol. I think, I did this wrong or I inserted the class for another header in a wrong way. How does this work? I also don't understand, what I need to insert in "Custom Title Style".

I fear, there is something wrong with the smileys on elk11, Spuds. I created a new shoutbox now, but the smileys are not displayed there in the shouts. Only the code of them is to see in shoutbox.
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