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ElkArte XML?

Hey guys,

So sorry if this isn't the right thing, but I barely know how to code but will learn soon.

Anyways, I released a second avatar pack for SMF, I tried installing it for EA, but it doesn't show up when choosing an avatar. It works in SMF but not EA (obviously cuz they both are different). So Since idk much about guessing the only thing I needa change is the XML file? If so, what is EA XML file link?

Re: ElkArte XML?

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If I'm correct you're just using XML to load the files like all the modifications.  If so, just look up any ElkArte modification's XML file.

Re: ElkArte XML?

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Here is an example for an avatar pack ... 

Just follow that XML, when the package is uploaded (via the regular package manager) you will see a section for Avatars with your pack listed.

Re: ElkArte XML?

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Thank you so much, guys! :)

Re: ElkArte XML?

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Ight, so I changed the XML link file, however, the avatar file still doesn't show up in the gallery directory under "forum profile".

Can someone check my codes and see what I am doing wrong, please? :)

Thanks, guys! :)

EDIT: my file won't upload here cuz it says post data is missing. The heck is that?

Re: ElkArte XML?

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Thank you! :)