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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Quote from: ahrasis – Last time I checked adsense did work using this addon. I hope you did not forget to add your forum domain in your adsense panel.
Well, I dont think i need to add my forum domain on my adsense panel though. It worked with my other wordpress sites.

Quote from: Trekkie101 – Add the permissions to who you want to see ads.

Works fine with Adsense.
Yeah I guess I made something wrong. I also didnt bought a domain yet. I am currently using it on a VPS IP. But this is not the first that I have tried a VPS IP and add some adsense codes.

Please correct me if what I did was wrong.

First I downloaded the file.
2. I uploaded it on the package manager>>>upload file
3. Click on install.
4. After it was activated I went to add ad and put Name of the ad, put the code in the body section and check all section to show in the forum. Although I only add the code at the Header overall, there might be somethign I have done wrong. I also want the adsense ad to show only at the top. Like 1 adsense banner only per page.

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Check the permissions, as already suggested. The addon works fine. 
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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This installs and seems to work fine with elkarte 1.1 ( I didn't test all ads positions) only some errors in elkarte log

Type of error: General
Unknown Error: Use of loadTemplate to add style sheets to the head is deprecated.
File: /sources/Templates.class.php
Line: 145
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Does anyone know a javascript or other code which could be used with SA to show the RSS feed of another elkart forum on the same server?  Alternatively perhaps an SSI could be used as well.  In a nutshell the goal is to display the last 3 posts from one forum to another.  Thanks! ;)

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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You can refer to simple portal site for that too @badmonkey. They have various samples of portal block code of which may be very useful in your case.

Or you may request an addon for that kind of rss, if we don't have any yet.

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Good idea ahrasis. Thanks!

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Updated package to support ElkArte 1.1

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I installed this addon to create blocks like a portal. It works fine but I can not get the blocks created to display them in the "Left side" and "Right side" positions.

Maybe I'm wrong in something I can not understand? Thanks for your help
Sebastiano Basile

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Why not using simple portal to create blocks on the left or on the right? Or you use both add-ons, you can have an ad created with this addon so you can track the visits and display it on portal. 
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Simpleportal is the best thing but there is the risk that every update becomes a problem. For example I have my official website with Elkarte 1.0.10 + SP and it works quite well. But SP, now, is not very stable for Elkarte 1.1 and I'm not very good with php code.
This is why I decided to install very few simple addons to the forum.
I would like to address the forum homepage to recent posts and around to simply insert some block or menu.
In this way, Elkarte remains a forum but with just one simple addon even a small and simple portal for better navigation.
An example of a test:
Sebastiano Basile

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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SP is an excellent addon.  Make no doubt about it.  However, it's also a lot of extra code execution to obtain one or two basic blocks.  JMHO.   ;)

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Does this work with version 1.1.3? I have added the addon and choose footer and above info..i don't see any ads getting displayed

The addon works, sorry for the wrong information
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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Russian translation in attachment.

I didn't see in ManageAds.english.php where are these language strings?
Quote from: Spuds –
  • Overall Header
  • Overall Footer
  • Below Menu
  • Above Info Center
  • Above Footer
  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • After First Post
  • Inside First Post
  • After Last Post

Translation for this:
  • Верхний колонтитул
  • Нижний колонтитул
  • Под меню
  • Над информационным центром
  • Над нижним колонтитулом
  • Слева
  • Справа
  • После первого сообщения
  • Внутри первого сообщения
  • После последнего сообщения

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Will there be an update of this addon for the version ElkArte 1.1.7

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I am using it with 1.1.7, nothing to report for now.
sorry for my bad english