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Re: Masa: Surfer's Local Live Time

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Sorry, I totally forgot about it. I finished doing some testing. However, I need to confirm something that is even in 24 hours format, time below 12:00:00
Just a suggestion: use the show/hide am/pm switch to use 12h/24h display.
This can be done easily. I can change this but there still be issue as in 24 hours format morning sessions will be seen similar to 12 hours format morning and night session.
Like 08:00:00 without am/pm does make no sense, likewise 20:00:00 with am/pm is also useless.
Not really. it is the visitors' time and currently they are set to 12 hours format. Some may want am/pm, some may not, so the current option seems fine to me.

Anyway, I have prepared a draft for 1.0.6 version where morning session will display am for both formats but afternoon session will only display pm for 12 hours format. To test replace Masa.template.php with the attached below.

What do you think?