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Theme Header

Okay, in some ways, I do like the choices in Current Theme for the header.
However, there are a couple issues, that I'd like to mention.

1. If the Admin fills the logo box with a large image, and sets the header to logo only, the logo ends up not very centered. More to the right.

2. If add a logo url, it should replace the Forum Title, not the ElkArte Logo, in my opinion. Reason is, most people do either one or the other, and not both, on their sites. Unless, the logo is just a small symbol, and even then, most will do that and a larger image with text on it, for the forum name.

3. If add a slogan, it should replace the ElkArte Logo, not go under it, in my opinion. Yes, a carryover from SMF, but in my view, a decent one. If the above is done, then that would leave the slogan to be best to replace the Elk Logo.

A couple other ideas I have for the header section:

1. Make the slogan be outside the "logobox" and centered, so it fits in right above the main area wrapper. Could do it, so if empty, the ElkArte logo is still to the right, but when filled, the slogan gets moved.

2. Add another option to the header: Centered Logo/Forum Title. Same as Logo Only, but with the logo above the forum text, for those that want both.

Just a few ideas I had thought of. :)

Re: Theme Header

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Without images, I am not so sure what you are trying to get at. I prefer all three of logo, title as well as slogan each in a separate entity. Title is a display that is a must as well as logo, that is what it is now. But I prefer slogan in each own entity may be under the title but if it is empty, it should not be shown. The logo should be acting in the same manner too i.e.  if it is empty, it should not be shown.

But all of the above can be achieve via custom theme. If there are other important things to do, that should be left as it is for the time being.