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Quote from: emanuele – I always feel these tools are always to take with a grain of salt
Agree  8)

Google also has it's own tool for sped testing and the funny part is that the score is decreased a lot by their own JS files from services like Google Adsense and Analytics  :D

For me a website must load fast for users, not for automatic tools
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Re: Test Web Sites

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Actually, I never trully care that much about any of these but normally when I am free I like to do all these "time wasting" things, again and again. Bad habit I guess. :D
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Re: Test Web Sites

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Re: Test Web Sites

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Just to note,  since you have enabled gzip with nginx, you should be able to turn off  ElkArte's  compressed output buffer since Nginx will take care of the text/html for you (and more efficiently)

Re: Test Web Sites

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Thanks for the note @Spuds.

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Testing on Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx Web Server:

So far all are good with using only google cdn for jquery except my nginx cookieless setting on which is clearly not working. I will have to figure out why it is not working.

Further, I will also have to try and see how to remove query strings from static resources and replace it with others. Hopefully, it can become ElkArte new features? :D

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Quote...most people can't use a subdomain of their main domain to do this ... because they serve cookies that are valid across the entire second-level domain.
the above discussion at ServerFault
now I know why my cookie-free domain at is not working. To make it works I changed it to other domain instead.

As for the query strings, I disabled the default code in SiteCombiner.class.php at line 398-399[1]by commenting them out:
Code: [Select]
		//if (!empty($this->_stales))
//$this->_archive_stale = '?x' . hash('crc32b', implode(' ', $this->_stales));

The score now increases and at!/cSKvto/ it has achieved 100%  :D

For now I think there is no need for me to use any CDN, as my DNS server is CloudFlare thus it should serve any users quite fine wherever they are from.

Though there can be a better way in doing this but I am too lazy now. :D
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Re: Test Web Sites

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I thought my above trick no longer works but a test again today after update to 1.1.5 resulted in 100% again?

Results from others are also good:
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Re: Test Web Sites

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if could be useful this is what I get in GTmetrix
the results are probably better on the index of the forum (not the homepage generated by Simple Portal).
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Re: Test Web Sites

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It might be a location based issue.

The test server appears to be in Canada.  I ran it on one of my sites and got A - Performance 98% Structure 95% and that was the main page with SP. 

When I looked at your report it seemed to focus on the delivery time from the CDN, which likely means there is no CDN server "close" to the CA server doing the testing.

Re: Test Web Sites

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mention @Spuds 
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