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Spuds image cache

This addon is wonderful!  Thanks for your work @Spuds‍ !

I do have a couple of questions.  One is it breaks photos from PB.  Apparently so does PB, so there's that.  Is here any way to fix that?  Second, it seems to hate animated gifs.  Same question applies.   ;D

Re: Spuds image cache

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I think the gif issue is this line

Code: [Select]
if( pathinfo($this->data, PATHINFO_EXTENSION) === 'gif' )
    $extension = 1;
elseif ( pathinfo($this->data, PATHINFO_EXTENSION) === 'png' ) {
    $extension = 3;
else {
    $extension = 2;

Will probably sort it, I think...


Re: Spuds image cache

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I'd give that a try as well  :)
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