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Weird Displaying

Not sure what is up. Maybe my FF 50.2, or is it the site?

Fresh PC boot.
Got a email notice from Elk about new post of a topic. Clicked thru to site.
Site appears fine.
Thread appears fine.
BUT THE POST ITSELF, is missing color.
It's all white. images show with color.
header, text areas etc, all white
news bar isn't fading. does scroll
(just upgraded to 50.3. no difference)

Even here, 'new post" looks right. (see how that looks after I make this post)

Sure enough. even the new post, is void of BG colors.

Additional info...
Go all around the site, appears normal, TILL enter ANY actual post.

Re: Weird Displaying

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screenshot of post

Re: Weird Displaying

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Weird. Everything is fine on my FF 55.0.3 (64-bit).

Re: Weird Displaying

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TY ahrasis
Figured it's my browser. BUT, only happens on this site.  And only in the actual post.

Re: Weird Displaying

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That one looks very like my 1.0 beta-something experiment at theming that for some reason is still up here.
Go to your profile and make sure you have the "default" theme selected.
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Re: Weird Displaying

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TY Emanuele.
Confirmed, it is set to default theme.

I've determined, it's definitely a issue with my FF.

Installed FF 56.0.3 beta and site is appearing fine.
Go back to my older FF, & still has the issue.

I can't find, why, only applies to that FF & (part) this specific site.

Anyway, at some point I'll just uninstall all FF. do a clean reinstall....will fix this.
(it's been patching/upgrading since ATLEAST ver 30's) + it's the 32bit.

Unless there is something about this, that you'd like to tinker with,
can close this out as *kybd user bug*.


Re: Weird Displaying

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hmm... if you are up for some experiments, try deleting the cookie of this site in your FF 50. The only thing I can think of (but that would be valid for the entire site, not just one topic of part of it, so I'm not sure it make sense) is that at some point you used ?theme=3 (or 4) and set the theme in the cookies (but it should not last for very long either, so.... meh).
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Re: Weird Displaying

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I had tried that, via CCleaner.

crazy idea...( cleared cache, deleted cookie, but shared FF & TB profile AND ALL internet LAGGED )
( do they hare cache & cookies too or are they separate?)

I am on sat net.
IS IT POSSIBLE, that poor latency caused some write overlap, btwn Thunderbird and FF, PLUS they share profiles?

Re: Weird Displaying

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I'm not aware of thunderbird using cookies (what would it use them for?) but you never know.
That was my best bet, apart from that I'm clueless.

BTW I'll remove the theme next time I log in as admin, so it will go for good, because anyway it's totally pointless.
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Re: Weird Displaying

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Ok. Thank you for your help Emanuele.