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Next/previous topic links

We might want to think about this. Phil usually makes sense, although TBH I haven't looked into this detail yet.

Re: [4843] Previous/next links usability issue?

This appears to be an increasing problem, as some browsers are apparently using the <link rel='prev|next'> tags to prefetch pages, and barfing with a 403 error. Whether or not you want to argue about browser bugs, SMF is definitely using the tag(s) incorrectly anyway, as they are supposed to link to the previous and next pages of this topic, not to the previous and next topics! If a topic fits on a single page, there must be NO <link rel> tag. Only if you're on page 2 or higher should there be a <link rel='prev'>, and only if there is a higher page should there be a <link rel='next'>. This is a bug that is causing failures for users, and the <head> section <link rel> tags should be removed for now (in 2.0.5 and 2.1) if they cannot be easily fixed (i.e., point to pages when needed).
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