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It's a nice forum, like I said in the past I'm sure it will grow up ;)

121 boards, nearly 124.000 posts (24.000 last year), 1.210 registered users (roundabout 150 are active users posting things) - yep, works for me and my little board.  :) 
those stats are similar with my stats ;)

We need 37 GB of Webspace and our database is 200 MB in size.
Seems a lot of space.
I have 12.400 attachments, mostly jpeg images and a few pdf files and I use 1.8 GB. Have a look at the addons: Resize Images and, they work fine together.

I spent 391 days online on my board! 391 days!!!  :o
That's a lot!  :o I spent 77 days since 2012
sorry for my bad english


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The attachments folder is 3,3 GB in size. The other 34 GB must be some videos and documents I saved on my webspace. I already use the image resize addon, thanks for the hint!



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Benutzt Du auch SimplePortal für die Startseite ?
Oder was ist da für ein Portal drumrum ?

Ich habe die Startseite mit Bootstrap gebastelt, das ist kein Portal. Die wechselnden Inhalte muss ich dann in einer PHP-Datei mit nem Editor ändern.