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Getting paid as a developper for Elkarte

Hi, I just found a great Website that is supporting Developpers on GitHub via Crypto Steem Payments to develop Open Source projects.


you can register as a  Software Projects Owner  who will be paid from the Steemit Blockchain and you can search for developpers
who will work on your project and they are being paid by the Steemit blockchain and not yourself...

If you are just a developper you can apply for projects that are uploaded to Github and you will be paid by the Steemit cryptocurrency rewards also ..

Maybe the Elkarte Developpers can register there and earn Steem Dollars for running the Elkarte development and running
and thus earn extra money and donĀ“t need to do all the open source programming for free, but getting paid via
with steem dollars...

Have a look at this video:

Maybe we will find via this way a few developpers who can build the Steemit Smart Media Tokens into the Elkarte core or program
a plugin for Elkarte ?

Here is some help how to signup as developper:

Many thanks. I hope we can have this way soon more nice plugins and also the SMT Tokens integrated into the Forum software...

Regards, Stefan.

Re: Getting paid as a developper for Elkarte

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Very cool .. thank you for all the details!

Re: Getting paid as a developper for Elkarte

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Yes, that is a really cool way to getting paid if you are an Open Source Developper...
The Steemit Blockchain and all its services are really great, if you have looked at it...

I really would love to have a Steemit integration of the Smart media Tokens into Elkarte, so
we can then also upvote our users here for good content posts and support posts and
they will be getting paid via the Blockchain...

This opens up a whole new economy and freedom for everyone...
 For instance:

This guy , who is living just in his truck in the desert:
While living nomadically out in the wilderness he uses just a Smartphone for everything he would normally do on a computer, including hardware intensive things like Video and Image Editing.
In this video he shows some of the hardware and apps that make this possible.

He just got for this article and video already over 102 US$...

So can you see the potential that the Steemit Blockchain has got ?
And that was just for this One article and one video...
Multiply this by several articles and it could be generating a very nice income...

Regards, Stefan.


Re: Getting paid as a developper for Elkarte

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Here is another advise somebody just told me, who has deeper knowledge about this all:

"I think the best way to make Steem right now is through Utopian. Just find some open source software on GitHub and find bugs, report them in the Issues section of the Repository and then write a Utopian post describing it. If I'm focused I can find and write 5 bugs in 1-2 hours, and they can make anywhere between $10 and $50 each."