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SSL and non WWW

Tried searching but cannot find any definitive answer
I want to force SSL and non WWW on the forum - how do I set the forum to work from both of these
SSL is set up and htaccess forces www to non www but all I'm not getting is no CSS loaded and no secure site - looked and looked for a setting somewhere in the admin but cannot find it


Re: SSL and non WWW

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Hi and welcome to elkarte.

The first things to check are:
  • Forum URL: ACP > Configuration > Server Settings > Database and Path > Forum URL (make sure is
  • Theme settings: ACP> Configuration > Theme Management > Theme Settings (mage sure to use https)
  • Avatar settings: ACP> Forum > Attachments and Avatars > Avatar settings (make sure to use https)

If you still see the grey padlock in your browser (instead of green) you may check into your browser to see which resources are loaded over an http connection.

Once you fixed this you may also install one of these 2 add-ons to cache all images inserted with IMG tag that are not hosted on a secure connection:
sorry for my bad english


Re: SSL and non WWW

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Thanks, all sorted now.