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Sphinx Search

I was reviewing some items in Sphinx QL code and noticed a couple of items which I think can be improved.

First is the specific post that gets displayed in the search results, this is really a bug.  Specifically the topic that the post is in is a very relevant overall topic, but the specific post in that topic that gets shown in the results is incorrect.    There are two options here, one is to simply show and link to the first post in that topic, or link and show the most relevant post inside of that topic.

Next up is the ranker that we use, currently is PROXIMITY_BM25 , if you don't know what that is or don't use sphinx then don't worry about it.  I've been playing with some improved ranker equations, based off SPH04 but using bm25F values and high ranking for exact or subject matches.

So if you use sphinx and want to try a couple of things to see what you get, let me know :D
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 emanuele loves when Spuds throws at us abbreviations like in this case and I have no idea what the heck he is talking about. xD
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Re: Sphinx Search

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Its a gift  :P
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