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What's next for me and web site design?

Good day,

Now that I have ElkArte working just the way I want it (thank you for the assistance, by the way), I'm ready to start working on my "main" site. I've been learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript a bit along the way from W3Schools. I'm also learning how to code in C# using the Unity libraries in my spare time. I would start with something like WordPress, but I feel like I wouldn't be learning as much if I used that right away.

The web site is going to be a "business-card/portfolio" site, heavy on image galleries. It's also going to be a place for me to test graphic designs out and maybe have a blog or vlog.

I'm getting kind of old, and one of the neat things that's around now that wasn't around when I was puttering around with web pages in the very early 2000s is GitHub and the like. I'm looking forward to using Git on GitHub with Sourcetree GUI to take snapshots of my progress.

It seems like Bootstrap and Angular are popular responsive front-end frameworks, though Bootstrap might be more of just a library than a framework? My knowledge breaks down fairly quickly here. If you were just getting into this and had a little coding/tagging experience, which way would you go? I'd like to learn the ins and outs of one toolset. That way, if I have to or want to pick up another one, it'll go faster. And then if I want to get into what I imagine is a more WYSIWYG situation with WordPress, I'd possibly be at an advantage.

Thanks! :)

Re: What's next for me and web site design?

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Building a web site on github is also possible since you didn't mention anything about using php. Start with an account with github and then study Jekyll at

Re: What's next for me and web site design?

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PHP with MySQL will be the server-side combination that I'd like to learn more about, but for the rest of this year at least I'd like to learn more about front-end stuff. 20 years ago, I was interested in scripting and development, but I got into graphic design instead and that was where my career went. I was actually building a small forum using PHP and MySQL, given examples from a book, if you can believe that. :)   It's been so long since I've touched anything like this... I'd be surprised if I remembered anything other than basic setup and queries for MySQL and angle-bracket question-mark question-mark angle-bracket for PHP.

Anyhoo, I'd like to stay open for PHP six months down the road. I already have my dot com address and hosting with SiteGround and I'm having fun using plain old Visual Studio as my editor and FileZilla as my transfer program and learning about their Control Panel and how to set up memcaching and so forth, which is how I set up my forums. I have a student account with a ton of bonus free stuff on GitHub because I'm returning to school in January for computer science.

So, it sounds like moving from my stand-alone thing to GitHub might be a pain. Now, if I can *just* use Jekyll without doing anything else with GitHub, is that a better solution than Bootstrap or Angluar? Are the three even in the same class of things (front-end frameworks)?

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To get a simple idea of what you can do with Jekyll (with a bootstrap 3 based theme) on github, just look at our Addons and Themes sites since thats how those were done.  Most of that is a bit "old" and I should look to see whats new these days to see if there is anything I could use.

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Re: What's next for me and web site design?

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Would GitHub be a good choice for "heavy on image galleries" though?