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Offline page question

My sites are setup as Progressive Web Apps, meaning they have at least some capability to act akin to a native app. That includes the ability to cache resources and whole pages to be offline accessible. The caching strategy I use allows cached resources to be updated on every page load. Therefore it's beneficial to keep them light. Rather than caching and updating a dozen forum pages every page load, it might be cool to create a singular dedicated offline page with a handful of items people could view should they be offline, such as in an area with broken cellular service. The offline page could include SSI functions, or Simple Portal attributes, or any number of other possibilities.

Here's the question: what would be good to show users while offline to keep them entertained until they regain service? Many thanks for your thoughts and ideas!

Re: Offline page question

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You can always show the boards, recent or active topic last 24-48 hours?